BRAT 2017

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Cables% Staff Atari
Any% Alowne PC
100% TJ Difficulty Up? Steampunk Vitorian Style PC
any% SakuraFreak Game Cube
Any% LuizMiguel Public Choice: Filename SNES
Any% Hard Thurler Difficulty Up: All Operations Wii
Any% + Bonus Levels Spec Difficulty Up: Any% Hard Difficulty Playstation 1
Friday, June 02, 2017
Any% (Agent) Spec Difficulty Up: Any% 2C1P Nintendo 64
Rookie hugo4fun Public Choice: Car Color SNES
Any% (Normal) Furlim Nintendo 64
100% VaeVictus Difficulty Up: Face Dark Demon SNES
Kunoichi - Normal VaeVictus SNES
Any% luisfae PC
100% pet Nintendo 64
Grolla Any% EaBTasRaiul PC
Any% Glitchless Furlim Public Choice: Names Game Boy
Any% No Major Glitches SerelepeMarsupial Public Choice: Filename SNES
Any% No WW/OOB SerelepeMarsupial Game Boy
100% LuizMiguel vs Raiul SNES
Any% (Bid War) LuizMiguel Public Choice: Bid War SNES
X 100% Sambss Playstation 2
Any% SakuraFreak Playstation 1
Plague Any% Fladervy PC
Any% Glitchless Ilher Public Choice: Filename Nintendo (WiiVC)
Saturday, June 03, 2017
Any% NA Kehanort Public Choice: Names Playstation 1
Any% shmupforlife SNES
Any% (Normal) shmupforlife SNES
Any% no CW Nathacsa SNES
Any% Marco SNES
NG+ Any% PerilousPeanut Public Choice: Ratchet Skins Playstation 3
Beat the Game Kytes_ Wii
Any% PerilousPeanut Difficulty Up: Musical Stages, Musical Stage Blindfolded Playstation 4
All Four (Any%) Furlim & AugustoTitan SNES
120 Stars Dezanig Nintendo 64
Leon A (race) Kevinouteiro vs Baldo vs Zerodux PC
New Game+ Kromer Difficulty Up? Special Set 1 X360
Sunday, June 04, 2017
Any% No Save Corruption SakuraFreak Extra Games: This game will be run if incentive is met. XBOX 360
Glitchless Baldo PC
Any% Kromer Playstation 2
Any% Easy uzmaty1 Playstation 2
Any% Ciborgue PC
Any% Ciborgue PC
Any% cassiothird Public Choice: Route Choice Wii VC / NES
Bass Any% Vini Difficulty Up: Mega Man Killers Stages Playstation 3
Any% (no game over abuse) zerodux Playstation 2
Any% Co-Op Furlim & AugustoTitan SNES
True Pacifist vs Genocide Kehanort Public Choice: Bid War for Ending, Name of the fallen child. PC
All Dungeons sincevanilla Extra Games: This game will be run if incentive is met. WiiU
Any% NA Kehanort Playstation 1

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