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Excitement% STAFFFFFF
Any% Khanster786
Any% Buster Only DragonMetalQueen
Any% Khanster786
Any% No Ring kyoslilmonster
100% No Insomnia Everybody
Saturday, July 24, 2021
Classic Trilogy Cantaloupeme
Normal% SandbagX
Beat The Game CosmykTheDolfyn
Any% No Passwords Czikubi
100% KrunchyLex
Any% kyoslilmonster
Vortex aldeezy
Any% No BUTTs SushiKishi
Multiworld Randomizer Khanster & Pals
Sunday, July 25, 2021
Second Wind% Hopefully everyone
NG+ Easy NMG ItzUrGrlC
Any% SandbagX
Any% Crow!
European Extreme RaichuMGS
Sonic: Beat the Game Finalflame
Sonic: Beat the Game Finalflame
Any% MetalVolt
Carol Classic Any% MetalVolt
Any% CosmykTheDolfyn
Eden Campaign Hard Difficulty Crow!
Any% Warpless Czikubi
Monday, July 26, 2021
Any% Beat Bowser Bonus Run Czikubi
All Tracks (Moby Dick) CosmykTheDolfyn
Relief% Staff + You Lovely People

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