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Actually Live% No run, only sit
Any% NMG MetalGlennSolid
Any% Normal MetroidMaster
Any% Khanster786
Any% Glitchless Czikubi
Pillow% You. Yes you.
Saturday, March 26, 2022
Any% TheAxeMan
46 Robot Masters Khanster786
100% Justincredible83
Any% Justincredible83
Beat both games Cantaloupeme
Any% MetroidMaster
Ken Hard Any% Sonicman2005
1CC JP LRock617
Glitchless TAS TiKevin83
Lullaby% Hopefully Everyone
Sunday, March 27, 2022
Any% no up+A Cantaloupeme
Any% 1CC Cantaloupeme
Any% (JP) Skavenger216
Any% LRock617
Any% no WW (Suzume) LRock617
Golbez% Crow!
Beat Culex RTA Justincredible83
All Bosses Extreme MetalGlennSolid
Easy% SandbagX
Horror SandbagX
Any% Easy MetalGlennSolid
100% Czikubi
Ohio% All Hands on Deck

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