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Crrool Any% PSP
Badkiara & ThePlumberHimself 99 RMS (Easy)
Kinnin11 Any% NG+
A good boy
Sniperwave C Ending
Rasschla & Kaethil Any% PC
Grumpmeister All Cutscenes
Xita Master Sword
RDVvsTheWorld Any% (US/EU)
MrMeanMoustache 70 Stars
Dutchj Any%
Sunday, February 28, 2021
ShadowFrost Any% (No OoB)
CriticalCyd Team Sonic
Valyssa All Tracks Time Attack
ArayaLoL Any%
Nepumuk Any%
YumeTsubasaCH Any% Freudia
IndiSR Any%
Thextera Any% Thex chooses a console
TheMotherBrain86 Any%
jellyd0ts Any%
Riekelt Any%
Mr_Brood Any%
J4sp3rr Any%

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