BSG Online 7

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Intro Other {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Super Mario Odyssey World Peace Single run Switch {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Rayman Any% Single run PlayStation {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Any% DS Glitched Single run PlayStation 3 {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Silent Hill Any% - Easy Single run PlayStation TV {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
2D Ver. Mega Man Legends 3: The Prologue! Story Mode (Normal) Single run PC {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Mega Man 8 Any% Single run PC {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Saturday, March 05, 2022
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Timeskip Any% Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Rayman Raving Rabbids Any% Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Antichamber 100% Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Toy Story 3: The Video Game Story Any% Single run XboxSeriesX {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Lego Star Wars 1 (GBA) All Episodes Single run GBP {"layout": "gba-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Battleblock Theater Any% No Level Skips (Normal, Weapons) Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Space Station Silicon Valley Any% Single run N64 {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h20m00s"}
Metroid: Scrolls 6 100% Single run GBA {"layout": "gba-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (DS) All Levels Single run DS {"layout": "ds-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Kirby's Dreamland 2 Any% Single run SGB2 {"layout": "gb-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Unmetal Any% Easy Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch Any% Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% No S+Q Race GBA {"layout": "gba-2p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest Any% Single run PSP {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Spyro Reignited Trilogy Spyro 2 Any% NLS Single run XboxSeriesX {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Setup: Gimmick! Any% Single run NES {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
A Hat in Time any% Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Deltarune All Chapters All Bosses Glitched Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Any% (No WW/Oob) Single run GBC {"layout": "gb-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Dark Souls 3 all bosses glitchless Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Sunday, March 06, 2022
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Any% New Game Madhouse Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance Any% European Extreme Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Sonic Unleashed (Wii) All Day Stages Single run Wii {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Any% (No Game Over Abuse) Single run PlayStation TV {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Untitled Goose Game 1 Honk Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Lightmatter Any% NMG Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
a *ny% Single run Switch {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Setup: Hitman: Codename 47 All Missions Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Grapple Dog World 1 Competition% Race PC {"layout": "16x9-2p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Control Any% (Legacy, Standard) Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Worms Armageddon All Missions Any% Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya5"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Mighty Gunvolt Burst Any% - Normal, Call Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h15m00s"}
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance NG+ Hard Single run PC {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice All Bosses & Minibosses Unrestricted Single run XboxSeriesX {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Onimusha: Warlords Any% Ultimate Single run PlayStation 4 Pro {"layout": "16x9-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya3"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest 102% Single run SNES {"layout": "4x3-1p", "intermission": "adwait180,ad180,mya2"} {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Afterthoughts Other {"setup":"0h10m00s"}

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