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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)Donation Incentive
Blaze - Hardest Cestpatou
Blaze - Normal Sonicman2005
Encore Mode: Bad Ending Claris
Sonic's Story Gooby
Any% Finalflame
100% Out of Bounds Nim
Tails - Beat the Game flying fox
Tails - Beat the Game flying fox
Tails - Beat the Game (Race) flying fox, Finalflame JP vs US Soundtrack
Sonic - Beat the Game (Race) Chronoon, Zaxon96
Beat the Game AmberCyprian
Heavy d4gr0n
Any% Rotational Control - Easy Lizstar
Any% Dr_Fatbody
Normal Cypherin
Arcade Solo Count Gooby
Snaking All Tracks 1davidj
Any% StoneAgeMarcus
Random World: Hard Strouse12
Saturday, April 20, 2019
Any% walkingeye
Any% Wilddin
Any% Donald StoneAgeMarcus
Normal Any% Cestpatou
Axel - Normal Cestpatou
Any% FroobMcGuffin
Any% - Sega Ages cyanveo
Normal Any% Cypherin Nightmare Any%
Any% NG CountGooby
Sonic's Story Argick
Glitchless SuperSonic71087
Sonic or Knuckles AlecK47 Character Choice
All Emeralds Glitchless Big Jon
All Dungeons Random Seed KrusKader
Any% mikwuyma Choose Name
Any% (Race) Zaxon96, Dr_Fatbody
Tails Any% Raikou
Any% Zaxon96 Max Jackpot Run
Any% No Item Use MrMaximus11 Boogerman Cosplay
Any% (Race) HaramScaram, Lizstar, D4gr0n
Sunday, April 21, 2019
Any% TwoWorlds
Any% Normal TurboGilman
Any% Easy TurboGilman
All Levels - Easy d4gr0n Hard Difficulty
Easy d4gr0n
Any% Normal Faust4712
Any% Faust4712
Episode I Any% Glitched KrusKader
Any% NMS KrusKader
Normal Any% Athens_
Any% Okamikaze
To The Show Rudjohns
KunaiLess Normal Faust4712 Softlock Showcase
Any% Hardest BusterMan
Any% Easy Co-op RoHiSakk, JimSR
Supereasy Chronoon
Any% berlindude1
Any% PeteDorr
All Stages chonkal
Arcade Mode Any% chonkal
All A's Lizstar
Any% Aquas
1 Loop Aquas
Any% berlindude1
Any% Sonicman2005
Single Player Thu Ox
Easy 300K Points Lizstar
Any% (Gillius) Turbo Gilman
Any% Hardest Turbo Gilman
Any% Hardest Cygnusx406
100k Trip peaches
Any% peaches
Any% Big Jon

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