Blast the Process 4

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2 Loops Turbo Gilman
All Levels jquestionmark
Sonic: Beat the Game pho
Sonic: Beat the Game JoeyBaby69
Encore Mode - Bad Ending JoeyBaby69
Tails: Beat the Game Race KiwamiZX, ArcaniaCQ
Any% No OOB Jake The Gamer Waffle
Sonic's Story Nimputs
Heroes' Story Nadevan
No Major Glitches SegaJunkie
Any% Co-op chronoon, chubbus
Easy - Axel Glitchless Race HenHenOnline, A1Major, Gutosur, Cestpatou
Normal - Skate ETgoHAM
Easy - Blaze Sonicman2005
Mania - Blaze mikwuyma
Score Attack Lizstar
Saturday, July 18, 2020
Any% JP Chaos42666
Any% Grant BoosterShane
Route Exhibition (All Goals) Turbo Gilman
Any% GrimShins
Any% squilibob
Any% Faust4712
All SBPs Thu Ox
Any% janglestorm
No Glitches Strackel
Any% Paulsaltine
Easy SuperSonic71087
Any% Starbird
Wizard High Score SilverDile
Glitchless d4gr0n
Any% d4gr0n
Any% World vs USA
Difficult Any% eighttt
All Emeralds Argick
Sonic: Beat the game leandrom90
Sonic: Beat the Game SuperSonic71087
Beat the Game Kokuns
Any% Kyrrone
Knuckles & Tails - New Game+ Glitchless flying fox
Any% Dowolf
Beat the Game Race HibnoticStreams, Proto_Sonic
Any% Brobey
Any% Chaos42666
Insane chronoon
Supereasy chronoon
Sunday, July 19, 2020
Any% GrimShins
Any% Starbird
Chase/Surrender - JP, Fang pashtette_
Any% Race TheMotherBrain86, JkL87
Any% Okamikaze
Any% FroobMcGuffin
Any% Co-op Mannix86, d4gr0n
Any% BusterMan
Kunai-less Race Faust4712, BaconOmelette, Keaur
Arcade - Tyris Flare InTheMug
Fixed World - No Doorway HoodyTwoShoes
Desert Gate Battle slab
Any% Eric (JP) - Easy Boog2TheMan
Arcade Mode - Hard Sonicman2005
Any% TurnipDaBeet
Max Special Bonus pho
Beat the Game - Glitchless t0uchan
Scenario Mode - Hardest Race SurriSama, CygnusX406
Beat the Game Race Kingrhodestn, VoiD_Kura
Any% HibnoticStreams
Tails: Beat the Game CygnusX406
Sonic - All Stages SB55
Gamma's Story - Linear Route Iwss
Sonic's Story (No MSG) Flubbler
Any% cestpatou
Any% A-Frame
Advanced Warps Race Helix, glockinmytoyota
All Worlds nes
Any% El_Salero
Any% M.I.S.S. Race Shentok, Aquas
Any% Race ShimeGabriel, Chronoon, Lizstar, Haram_Scaram

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