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Plague of Shadows, Any% exploudYourEar
Sonic & Tails, Good Ending Argick
All Difficulties, No Extras, Warpless Helix
Any% pvtcb
Hyper Any% Juh0
Any% Jaxler
Multi Mission Dyceron
Any% Kosmic
No LTS OutrageousJosh
Any% Glackum
All Time Pieces Base Game Enhu
106% shredberg
Extra Mode darksol88, DegenMode
Predator Campaign (No Tutorial) Snowfats
Normal/Normal Ecdycis
Any% NG+ Starwin
Any% Extreme MetalGlennSolid
Any% callmeliam
Saturday, April 04, 2020
Bed% Everyone
Any% NG+ Eyeof_Newt
Any% Derek_MK
100% swordsmankirby
Scriptless alexh0w
Campaign 2080 NG Plywood
Hard! Mode junkyard_dave
Any% Normal LRock617
Any% Jorf
Any% Jorf
Normal Any% RogueLink
Expert Kunailess Faust4712
Hard Mode 6F Unseeded Any% Squega
All Bosses teddyras
All Masks Cursed1701, Buffet Time
Beat World 2, Intensity 30 Ventifer
Interview Jeff: in 3D!
100% TheHaxor
96 Exit Truman
Dancepad 70 Star PeekingBoo
100% First Quest - Crowd Control rooslugs
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 40 Orb Zic3
Sunday, April 05, 2020
100% No WW/No S&Q NMG All of Us
All Skills No OoB/TA Primorix
Any% - Normal, Ekoro KiwamiZX
Normal Any% (No OOB) karterfreak
X 100% ultrauberness
Any% Alucard Disdonn, Kutsu Shita, freeland1787
Any% Konasumi
Any% Warpless Gyoo
Any% Old Patch Forrest
Marriage DrTChops
Any% Yoshipro
Reverse Boss Order astronumous
Any% pho
Any% shoyhi, Four
Any% NG+ Tony
All Bosses CHX42
Any% dwangoAC
NG+ No IMG Torpedo
All Dungeons benstephens56
Any% ARealCutie
Darker Side Dangers

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