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Any% TwoWorldsCoexisting XBox
any% Normal Tetsuo9999 PC
setup setup
Any% Znubz | Mr_Shasta GBA Secret Message in Sector 4
Custom Knight Any% MunchaKoopas Wii U File Name, amiibo Challenges, Customizations | Click here for a List of Options, Select one of each
Super Hard Levels Grand_POObear Wii U Name a Level! Level Names
setup setup
Any% Warpless Relay JYochem94 & Blkyoshi | igotbored_ & CujoIHSV SNES
100% CujoIHSV NES
Any% fastatcc NES Bidwar for route, Top First/Magnet First/Gemini First
Any% RiskBreaker_Y NES
Any% jimmypoopins NES
Any% jimmypoopins NES
Any% OriginalMES Nintendo 64
4 Bosses Peaches Sega Genesis
setup setup
Any% tripmind PC
Any% Peaches PC
NG+ All Levels Snowfats | Duke_Bilgewater PC Bonus Levels played as Nigel
Saturday, March 26, 2016
1 Player Co-Op Any% PXTfD PC
Sakon Anime Any% Tetsuo9999 PS3
setup setup
Any% Vulajin PC
Any% PXTfD PC Ladder Glitch, Sing "A Love Passed On"
Full Life Snowfats PC
Any% Calistus PC
Any% Turbodog702 Playstation 2
any% Riskbreaker_Y NES
Any% AnCap217 NES
Any% jimmypoopins NES
Any% AnCap217 NES
Any% dolfinht Sega Genesis
Any% dolfinht Sega Genesis S I N G A L O N G
Any% Hard Mode R3DninjaJOSH SNES
Any% Blkyoshi GameCube
Any% Znubz GBA Glitch Exhibition
setup setup
Any% Glitchless 2G1C MeGotsThis GB Trainer, Rival, Squirtle, Nidoran, Lapras names
No S&Q, No WW, No OoB zorlaxseven GBC
Any% TheBoyks PlayStation Cutscene%
Bowhemoth MunchaKoopas Wii U Multiplayer Exhibition, Character Choice | List, with origin game for reference
Any% Konasumi GameCube Big Head Mode
Any% TheBoyks Nintendo 64
Any% TheIntercom Nintendo 64
Any% Glitchless RomTimney SNES
Sunday, March 27, 2016
Any% R3DninjaJOSH SNES Goemon vs Ebisumaru (Character Bidwar)
Any% nocashnocash SNES
setup setup
Any% Vulajin PC
NG Any% vs NG All Story Levels vs NG+ Any% vs NG+ All Story Levels Vulajin PC Category Bid War
Any% Duke_Bilgewater PC
NG Any% Calistus PC
Any% 1P1C Turbodog702 PC Juan vs Tostada (Character Bidwar)
Any% Znubz Gameboy Advance
Any% ahamplan 3DS
Any% Sabby18 Wii U Boy Inkling vs. Girl Inkling
100% Mr_Shasta DS
Any% Romscout DS Bid War between games
Any% Icetitian GameCube
Maria any% Wild_Mouse Sega Saturn File Name (Max 7 Characters)
setup setup
Alucard Any% Turbodog702 | HouselessGamer | Wild_Mouse XBox 360 File Names (No Special Characters)
Any% Chasetopherlee GameCube File Name (Max 8 Characters)

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