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100% SSCS Celabeat SNES Handcam
Any% Riekelt PS2
World Peace Dangers Switch
All Sigils Azorae PC Cat Ending (+7 min.)
Any% Glitchless AmoebaUK GBA Fly Pokemon Name | Rayquaza Name (Both 8 Char. Max)
Tails: All Good Futures flying fox PC Music Bidwar - JP vs US
Sonic - Beat the Game JoeyBaby69 Genesis
Sonic - Beat The Game JoeyBaby69 Genesis
Any% HibnoticStreams Arcade
100% Tech PC
Any% MrCab55 PSX
All Stages zewing PS1
Any% Tiki SNES
Friday, June 19, 2020
Story Mode All Levels Helix GCN Upgrade to "999 Bananas" category (+6min)
Any% WhiteHat94 NES
Weird Ending seckswrecks PC
Any% (Easy) RealmCopier PS2
Any% Konasumi PC
Any% WinnerBit GBA
City Trial Any% Bluekandy GCN Kirby Color Choice
100% tridenttail N64
Any% TGH Switch
No Major Glitches mooglemod SNES Any% run (+3min)
Easy Shime Genesis
Any% Big Jon Genesis
Best Ending Glitchless Ryan Ford NES
Hero Story Drakodan PC
Story Bidwar (No MSG) Focus X360 Story Bidwar
100% Nimputs GCN
New Game BahamutX_ PC
Arcade 1cc (2P, JAA version) LRock617 Arcade
Beat the Devil: Any% electronicLogic & NecroSky90 SNES
Any% rezephos SNES
Any% Good Ending SuperBen1755 SNES
1.15.2 Any% Random Seed Glitchless Co-op NynahNina & rossu123 PC
Any% New Game AlecK47 PC Male/Female Shepherd, Save/Kill Council
Any% giygasblues SNES
All A's Pea_txt Genesis
Solo N++ - E-row Emmoji PC
Saturday, June 20, 2020
Any% angrylanks NES Change Category to Low% (+1.5min)
Any% Easy NG+ Captain Ezekiel PC
Lightbearer Ecdycis PC Pole Dancing
Any% Out of Bounds xWinG PC
Any% yelsraek NES
Any% Showcase Riekelt PC
100% grample N64
Crash 2 100% cameronvengenz PC
Any% Allegro 3DS
1P Stadium (S-Hard) CardsOfTheHeart & Tayman N64 Pokemon Choice Bidwar
Any% No LSG Jaxler X360
House Bidwar kirbymastah Switch Bidwar
Full Game All Achievements teddy PC
Croaktel Any% TheBoyks PC
Any% cleverpidgeon PC Save/Kill The Creature
Any% PoleCats PC
Any% LattMackey & zallard1 TG16
AVIB (Normal) LaurieDBunnykins PC
ESW SilverSonic GCN
Any% No Spin Buffet Time PC VR Draw Whatever You Want on Whiteboard
Any% Retroverse GB
Glitchless dad infinitum GB Color Palette Bidwar
Any% DrunkWario GB Color Palette Bidwar
Any% quo N64
Any% 2 Games 1 Controller zallard1 NES + SNES
[A]ny% Kyoslilmonster PC
Hard/Hard ufotekkie PC Easter Egg Showcase
Any% Normal (Zangetsu) TheBlacktastic PC
Any% Eric (Easy) bichphuongballz Genesis
All Bosses Character Bidwar Brooke DS Bidwar
Sunday, June 21, 2020
Chaper 1-11 Hard Co-op MASH, romscout, & Turbodog702 X360 Character Color
Standard/Tournament Logic BashPrime GCN
Any% lemonademilk, Nase, & yib PC
Story Easy yoshipro PC
Any% (Easy, No OoB) Sickynar PC
Cero Miedo Any% OOB Snowfats PC Lavender's Secret (Dev Easter Egg) (+3min)
Asellus Any% MitoRequiem PS1
Warpless SuperSonic NES Small Fire Mario
Any% Warpless TapatioJ & TheHaxor NES Mario Color Choice
Any% gamestabled, RDVvsTheWorld, Siver, & zeldacubed 3DS Defeat Bowser (+30sec)
Grabless Any% Fell PC Play 2B (+2 min.) | Play 5B
Any% swordsmankirby GBC
Catch 'Em All Shenanagans_ GB Nickname (Basically) Any Pokemon | Glitch Exhibition
Any% gymnast86 Wii U Filename (8 Char. Max)
GT Classic kekumanshoyu SNES Save/Kill the Animals
Any% Ryan Ford SNES Filename (8 Char. Max)

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