Megaman & Ghosts 'n Goblins Relay

In this relay event, 12 players will clear the games below. After a player has beaten their game, they will pass the baton to the next player via raid. The players will practice their games ahead of time so that each playthrough should be completed within 3 hours. Viewers will be able to enjoy a number of different playstyles, as the relay features a variety of of Japanese and foreign players, including those who are top-level speedrunners (RTA), those who are not speedrunners but can clear their games within a short time, and those who will struggle to beat their games.

Starts on

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Start TimeEstimateRunnerTwitch ChannelCategoryRemarks
twitchpop Professional mode
haribote_botti No E tank
slurpeeninja Speedrun
haguremecha Very difficult mode
Sunday, November 21, 2021
coolkid Speedrun
innugoya Expert mode
saatan_pion Helper Sayonari
twitchpop Legend

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