Summer 2019

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All dates and times are given in America/Phoenix timezone (UTC-07:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% Race freeland1787, 2snek NES
100% Retrogaming2084 NES Take Away Up+A ($50)
All Cutscenes Turbodog702 Wii Pick the Character (Bid War)
Any% LoZCardsfan23 MS-DOS
All Bosses, Fighter Mode Garnitrex GBA
All Bosses, Magician Mode Garnitrex GBA
Lord of the Rings Garnitrex GBA Bonus Run ($100)
Normal Zipless MegaVyn NES
GSB Rando Optimize Seed Race freeland1787, Desolis PS1
GSB Rando Safe Seed Race freeland1787, Desolis PS1
Saturday, June 15, 2019
GSB Rando Agonize Seed Race freeland1787, Desolis PS1 Bonus Race ($150)
New Game+ AriesFireTiger86 Switch
Trevor Only KutsuSheeta NES
Sypha Race KutsuSheeta, pianotorious NES
Any% wizwarioo Game Boy
Any% wizwarioo SNES
Any% wizwarioo SNES
Grant 2snek Famicom
Sypha levelengine Famicom
Whip Only Sathdresh NES Low% ($250)
Any% dat1niceguy SNES
Bad Ending Ithilia1125 SNES
Whip Only Ithilia1125 SNES
Hard Mode FCJ2000 SNES
Any% SmellyMctroll Game Boy
Expert Mode, Lecarde SmellyMctroll Genesis
Any% Desolis Wii
Sunday, June 16, 2019
Any% Desolis Game Boy
Alucard Race KutsuSheeta NES
Sunken City freeland1787 NES Bonus Run ($300)
Any%, Glitchless Garnitrex PS1
2nd Quest Sypha pianotorious NES Climb the Clocktower ($400)
Any%, Glitchless freeland1787 NES Kill Death ($425), Chain Whip ($450)
Original Mode TheBelmontSteaks PS1
New Game+ Turbodog702 PC

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