Calithon Fire Relief 2019

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dylwingo 100%
ZELLLOOO Be Gentle Warpless
LattMackey Any%
LattMackey Any%
eldra Any% Normal
freeland1787 Any%
mrcab55 Ultimate - Veteran (No OOB)
whitewolfos, Mchan338, spicefather Any% No WW/OOB (No S+Q) Race
RaikouRider All Switches
ChronosReturns Main Series
moomooakai All Dungeons
ColonelFatso beat the game
dististik Any% - Insane
Eldra Very Hard
Saturday, October 05, 2019
fGeorjje Career Any% [NG+]
Turbodog702 All Bosses
AlecK47 Any% Anniversary
Shauny7188 Any%
Plastic_Rainbow Any%
StingerPA 100%
Ppotdot1 Any%
DarkTerrex Any%
EyeOf_Newt Diamond Cup
1davidj All Tracks (Expansion Kit)
Dashey10, theboyks Any% Race
Argick Beat The Game
Argick Sonic & Tails - Good Ending
yucaesar, StoneAgeMarcus, Pingouin23, crafterlynx R+ S6 Race
Pianoman7117TV Any%
chubbus Any%
SuperSonic71087 Warpless - Mario
KingjO444 Dark Side
MrPop1 Any% (no amiibo)
dat1niceguy Maria Only
Schtolteheim Any%
Benedictatorr No Major Skips
DelphiNhyte, FullFeaturitis, Shauny7188, xIronXVI Guild Any% - Low Rank, 4 player
Sunday, October 06, 2019
chubbus, StoneAgeMarcus Any% Co-op
Starwin All Bosses NG+
Plastic_Rainbow Any%
ghostkumo Toal EX
chaos42666 Any%
altabiscuit Four Traveler Fiesta
orrsa Any% (Rockman or Forte)
Ppotdot1, DarkTerrex Any% Race
Finalflame Tails: Beat the Game
AllegroSRC Team Sonic
camp4r Any%
teddyras All Beads & Memories
Biinny 70 Star
Yoshi_Zilla Any%

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