California Fire Relief Marathon 2018

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All Flags (Current Patch) Jason2890
Any% mr_shasta Alt Costumes Mode
Any% (No Death Abuse) JockeMS Put Out the Fires in Level 3-4
Any% Konasumi Save or Kill Moustache Girl
Any% Konasumi Bonus Game
Any% DanimalSounds
Reverse Dungeon Order Cantaloupeme
All Forts Race SuperSonic71087, RaikouRider
Ancient Cave Any% thatsfairzack Capsule Monster Bid War
1 Character (The Bullet) teddyras Kill the Past and Bunny Suit Bid War
10 Dogs% teddyras
Any% v1 DirectorMusic
Any% moomooakai
Saturday, September 29, 2018
Any% walkingeye
Any% NG+ Newtmanking Pants Color and Hat
All Levels WinnerBit
100% Cantaloupeme
Any% SteveTheWizard93
Bonus Tracks, 200cc, No Items amber_cxc Character Selection
1 Player altabiscuit
Any% BashPrime Fusion Suit
Any% 2-Player Co-op amyrlinn, Shockwve Face McShooty Quest
Tressa Single Story RTA RooseSR
Beat The Game - Glitchless SuperSonic71087
Beat the Game kirbymastah Character Bid War
Hero/Dark Missions Bid War BlazinZzetti Category bid war
Any% KanBan85
All Goals and Golds (All Careers) ThePackle
All Cards Yoshi_Zilla All Bosses, Invite Luigi to the Party
Blaze Normal Sonicman2005
Alucard freeland1787
Any% dat1niceguy
Any% Ultimate Veteran freeland1787
Randomizer Clues (Standard) Race Terra21, HydraSR Difficulty (Expert, Master)
Any% ghostking Victorian Steampunk Mode, Slam Jam Remix Bid War
Sunday, September 30, 2018
Any% NikosStudios
Genocide DukeFireBird ERASE or DO NOT
Any% PC Version ghostking Normal Difficulty
No Merchant, Normal Difficulty JTB__ Costume Choice
New Game Ppotdot1
All Stages (Easy) 8bitisgr8
Full Power Turbodog702
Glitchless VBuki_ Hard Mode
Any% Race Mchan338, Lachurs, DiamondcrafterA
Birthright, Conquest or Revelation Normal/Classic kirbymastah Game Bid War
100% Mchan338
Jammie Mode Any% Suikoboj
Any% Race KingjO444, Vulshock
MM1 Glitchless OR MM2 Normal, Zipless StuffnThings Game Bid War
Red Line LylatR Kill Slippy, All Medals
Any% Race kingjO444, n3rd_squared, Shauny7188
Any% TheLegendofZaheer All Masks
Sleep% Everybody

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