RGLtv's Coin-Op Classic 2019

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Intro Countdown
MAMEcathlon 2 - 5 Game Arcade Race (Crime City, Vigilante, E-SWAT, Super Hang-On, Spinmaster) Finish All The Games
OutRun Online Arcade 1CC All Stages
Out Zone 1CC
Aliens 1CC
Alien vs. Predator 1CC Hardest
Final Fight 1CC Hardest
Double Dragon 1CC
WWF Wrestlemania 1CC WWFC Hardest
Contra 1CC
Guardians 1CC
Warrior Blade All Stages
Shinobi 1CC
Mach Breakers 1CC
The Destroyer From Jail 1CC
Muchi Muchi Pork 1-All
Surprise Attack 1-All
Legend of Success Joe 1CC
Tapper 1,000,000 Points Attempt
Sunday, December 08, 2019
Street Fighter 1CC
Ms Pac-Man Turbo (Arcade Cocktail) Kill Screen
Wizard of Oz Pinball Play to Melt the Witch
The Addams Family Pinball Wizard Mode Run (Tour the Mansion)
Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball 1CC 3-Ball
Mille Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally All Courses
Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally All Courses
Power Instinct: Matrimelee 1CC
Melty Blood: Act Candenza (Version B) 1CC Hardest
Hard Head 1CC
Tekken 1CC Hardest
Tekken 3 1CC Hardest
Batman Forever 1CC
Super Locomotive Score Attack
Dharma Doujou 1CC
Bongo 1 Loop + Score TAS
Midnight Resistance Any%
Nemo 1CC
Night Striker 1CC
Cameltry 1CC Expert
Raiden Fighters Jet 1CC
Sega Marine Fishing 1CC
Neo Drift Out 1CC
Crime Fighters 1CC
Crime Fighters 2 1CC Hardest
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1CC
The Simpsons (JP) 1CC Expert
X-Men (JP) 1CC
Captain America & The Avengers 1CC
Athena 1CC
Spin Master 1CC
Shackled Credit Warp
Trojan (JP) 1-Loop
Rush & Crash 1-Loop
Sega Rally 2 Arcade Mode
Crossed Swords 1CC
Twinkle Star Sprites 1CC Hardest
Sakura Taisen - Hanagumi Taisen Columns 1CC
Mortal Kombat Score Attack
Mortal Kombat II Fatality Exhibition
Police Trainer 1CC
Splatterhouse 1CC Hardest
Setup Set Up
Super Punch Out All Unique Fights
The House of the Dead 4 1CC
Total Carnage 1CC + Pleasure Domes ending
Finale Beat the Marathon

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