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SloaTheDemon Intro
TheLegendofZaheer 100%
Hornlitz 100%
Cane High Score
marquisdan All Guilds (Glitchless)
Benedictatorr All Collectibles
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Benedictatorr All Pickups
B34RGURZ🐻🍔 All tens
Hornlitz 100%
Gooby All Games - Unintended
Tasselfoot All Mementos (100%)
LinkaMeister Good Ending 100%
tridenttail 100%
MichaelT00 100%
g0goTBC 100%
mohoc 100%
LinkaMeister 101%
Laurie D. Bunnykins AVIB
RandomFlyingMagikarp 100%
Oyster Expert 100%
LylatR 100%
HotCoffee 100%
Mr. Mary 100% No DLC
Friday, May 24, 2019
MakkerDon All Objectives
SloaTheDemon 100%
LiamOrovec PC Trifecta 100%
Doctorfeesh All Championships
tridenttail 100%
fGeorjje Game 100% [CE]
Saturday, May 25, 2019
thebpg13 Complete Tournament Mode
thebpg13 Complete All Races
Fricassee 100%
TheHaxor 100%
Laurie D. Bunnykins All Tickets
ioriioo 100%
yote_sr Normal 116%
Un Fantasma Más All Boards Easy (Wii VC)
Sunday, May 26, 2019
Left Side Worldwide All Solutions
Benedictatorr All Collectibles
killingpepsi 100%
NachoBrado 189 Tokens
Belted_Kingfisher No Math, 13 Zodiacs
Kingj0444 All Scrolls
AceZephyr Glitchless 100% FasterQuest
SloaTheDemon Outro

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