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tasselfoot 100% PC
Lucha_Gym Any% SNES
Ulvind Nitro Tracks - Items, 200cc Switch
Sundex All Pages PC
Sundex Any% PC
admiral_flapjack Any% PC
kingrhodestn Any% Genesis
Professor_Palmer Any% PC
tyler2022 All Dog Tags (Extreme) GCN
G3neziz Reverse Badge Acquisition GBP
zwataketa Blade Wolf - Hard Xbox 360
tortadiego 100% SNES
greendeathflavor 100% SNES
chaosdrifter Any% PC
crashmccloud Any% SNES
Gelly Any% Cutscene Skips PC
pinballwiz45b Rule the Universe PC
GreensnowDog Any% Wii VC
thehaxor 100% NES
Saturday, March 28, 2020
Helix All Difficulties No Extras / Warpless GCN
noice5 Win a Game N64
peekingboo DancePad Any% Switch
mattyplayssrl Arcade Mode PC
tgh_sr & Ambercyprian Best Ending - 2 Players, 1 Controller Genesis
hedweg Any% w/ Flight PC
plankboii, j2xp All Junior Adventures Any% Race PC
RuSyxx Any% PC
kariohki Story Mode PS2
biglaw Any% Beginner PC
english_ben Any% No SSU PC
lozcardsfan23 Any % NES
nimputs 100% GCN
Finalflame vs flying_fox Tails: All Good Futures Race PC
cyklopzgv Any% Normal PS1
darksol188 Extra Mode Wii U
juh0rse Any% PC
gidano Any% PC
davidtki CD version PC
mixmastapj Any% NES
cyklopzgv Any% GB
Sunday, March 29, 2020
jaxler1 Any% GCN
madmegax381 Any% Genesis
murcaz Crash 3 Any% PC
sixrockfire Low Eco PS2
plywood_ All Levels PS2
boog2theman Any% Eric JP Easy Genesis
Emeraldaly Epilogue Any% PS3
xoneris 100% GBA
kekumanshoyu GT Classic SNES
taymanND 1P Stadium (Super Hard) N64
moonblazewolf All Gold Ranks PC
SuperSonic71087 Warpless NES
treylina, Mantis Episodes 1-4, Jazz PC
argick Beat The Game Genesis
RiaSkies Boogey% SNES
GhostSenpai Cutscene% PS1
siberianbull9 Randomizer NES
paulsaltine Any% Normal Genesis
battyprincess Any% PS1
regoleslayer Any% No Wrong Warp PC
sagehero Any% NES
Monday, March 30, 2020
AEtienne Any% Bug Limit Switch

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