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All Achievements 100% Sabledragonrook
No Major Skips Konception2
100% Seckswrecks
Any% Boden0_
Bidwar: Any% vs 80 Dragons Synyadriel
No Major Skips Kunodemetries
Any% SuperViperT302
Any% Caitelatte
100% LaurieDBunnykins
All Yoga Training Cmdryt
Co-op Any%, No Major Skips ThisGuyAreSick
Saturday, March 13, 2021
-- Rest Time Before Day 2--
Any% Swc19
Any%, Inbounds Jkxwing
All Levels, Inbounds TaintedTali
Demo, All Batteries Rillabel
All Bonuses Gooby
All Golden Feathers, No S+Q Warm_ham
Any%, Solo Ericj_math
All Worlds, No Bosses Peas
Story Mode, 999 Bananas Namb0/TheMoonLimes
Monkey Golf (18 Holes) nes_
Silver's Story (AGM) FocusSight
All Dog Treasure Cbf__
Quickie Mountain 2, All Chapters (100%) Fellthekerl
True Pacifist Ending, Glitchless Helix13_

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