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Hype!!! Todos
Novice Co-op NES Necromancia88, NeisRosver
100% (No OoB) - Gamecube Gamecube Salero_Eon
Easy Any% PC Bakuman84
Any% SNES KillerHUD1
Any% All Stages SNES Kbzonfc1, GutsDKC
Low% (Small Only) SNES Calco2
Any% NES S_Berris
Any% Easy NES RoHiSakkLive
Any% NES Baddap1
Normal SNES NachoYacopu
Dragon Co-op PSX Jefestrefe, Luijaro
Any% GBA Phanntom23
Payasitos Todos
Friday, February 16, 2018
Carol Classic Bike mod PC Revolucoin
Leon A Any% PC ItsWasted_
Any% PSX S_Berris
Any% Forte SNES D_Wil
Any% - PSOne PSX KMCJaime
Exhibición PC Dazer0
Any% Risky Mode PC Goofi
4 Players Co-op ARCADE Jefestrefe, Luijaro, KillerHUD1, AlfredoSalza
Tecito Todos
Saturday, February 17, 2018
Normal Any% PSX Darky, Mayazumi
Zero 100% PSX UlverBlueriver, Ch0cman, Tchy
Any% Normal NES Ch0cman, FuzzDistor
Any% SNES NirvanaRuns
100% Solo / No Menu Glitch (Legacy) PC AlexxaScaly
Any% Sonic + Tails PC JimSR_
Any% PS3 Aether_
Speedrun Mode Gunvolt SWITCH Benja
Any% SWITCH JustCallMeGio, PowerfulBurrito
Any% WII U Wolhaiksong19
Any% PC Hunteriwi
Town Todos
Sunday, February 18, 2018
Any% Warps PC Lessnessv
Any% SNES Rodry_ArK
Any% SNES Facha_jr
Knife Nemesis%, Original Gamecube RebeccaRE
??? ???
100% N64 BenjaCastellon
100% SNES LynxUnlimited, OrangeMonkey, NeisRosver
A la CSM Todos

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