CV4AC2 Marathon Schedule

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wsyf All Bosses
GrowthKasei, hensachi60 Any%, Cornell
frantic32, devinbrodie25 Any% Best 2 out of 3
cerealmasticator, ssbstew All Bosses
cerealmasticator All Bosses & Relics, Save Richter
TheBelmontSteaks Any% Original Mode JP
eldritch_mecha, tHiAgOcH Any% Normal, Eric
toucansham Any%, Shanoa
amber24 Any%, Albus
amber24 Any%, No 0HP Glitch
TheMotherBrain86 Any%
ssbstew Randomizer, Glitched Logic
Sunday, October 06, 2019
LoZCardsfan Any%
Laxxus Normal% No-OOB
Laxxus Any% Nightmare
freeland1787 Alucard + Sypha + Trevor
DrunkenDraconian Low% Second Loop
NMEtv Any%, Major Glitches
Desolis, ssbstew, cerealmasticator, SDiezal Randomizer GBS (Safe Seed)
3snoW_p7iM Richter All Bosses
3snoW_p7iM Any%, Maria
SloaTheDemon All Bosses NG+, No Major Glitches
Turbodog702 All Cutscenes
Turbodog702 Any% NG+
Sathdresh, Burb Any%
Aphotic Ktulu Any% Glitchless
Desolis Any% Normal
Desolis Any%
Spriven Any%
Spriven Any%
Spriven Any%
Spriven 100% Richter Only
Crunan, Lucha_gym Any% Bad Ending
SmellyMctroll Any% All Bosses
SmellyMctroll Any%
naka_keyn Solo Chapters 1-6 Hard NG+, Soma
dat1niceguy, amber24 Mario Only%
RetroGaming2084, freeland1787 Randomizer
jay_cee Grant First Quest
jay_cee Grant Second Quest
jay_cee, Burb Any%
jay_cee, 2snek, SBDWolf Any%, First to 3
jay_cee, JoeDamillio Any%, Best 2 out of 3

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