RRLAT Resident Evil Story Marathon

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Resident Evil 0 New Game+ Door Skip Rac, Keys
Resident Evil Chris, Bad Ending, Knife Only, Major Glitches Rac, Keys
Resident Evil 2 Leon B Rac, Keys
Resident Evil 3 any% Heavy Rac, Keys
Resident Evil: Survivor New Game Easy Rac
Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X any% Glitchless Door Skip Rac, Witch
Resident Evil: Dead Aim New Game Easy Max
Resident Evil 4 New Game+ Amateur Max, Witch
Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways+ Max, Witch
Resident Evil: Revelations New Game+ Casual Soulless, Vox
Resident Evil 5 Lost in Nightmares Clix, Keys
Resident Evil 5 New Game+ any% Clix, Keys
Tuesday, December 06, 2022
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 New Game+ Casual Soulless
Resident Evil 6 New Game+ Ada Soulless
Resident Evil 7 New Game+ Easy ?
Resident Evil 8 New Game+ Casual ?

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