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Any% Ciborgue
USA% DunkelGotik
100% (Hard) DunkelGotik
All Cups 150cc No Skips Furlim
Red Scenario RTA Bluslider
Any% Problemstrol
Any% (All Stages) cassiothird
True Ending Alowne
Saturday, March 18, 2017
NG Normal uzmaty
Any% Ciborgue
Any% Mei
102% Mei
Any% RaindropDry
Any% Soma no 0 HP Glitch VaeVictus
Vile Any% Normal VaeVictus
Cutscene% Baldo
Obroe%, 11 Exit, Low% FURiOUS
Any% - Hard/Insane Celestinno
Any% SakuraFreak
Leon B Mei
Any% Mei
Any% LoboShow
Any% Celestinno
Sunday, March 19, 2017
Any% Mei
Any% (PSP) VaeVictus
Sonic's Story Nathacsa
Any% Normal Thurler
100k easy - 999k glitch RaindropDry
Any% shmupforlife
RBA (Reverse Badge Order) Problemstrol
Any% AugustoTitan
Any% Easy Ciborgue
Xtreme Mode 100% Celestinno
All Stages sambss
100% SakuraFreak
Low% Buster Only LuizMiguel

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