DeuceCon III Official Schedule

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Arcade Mode Any% Dreamcast Deuceler
Any% Super Nintendo Danshow1
Watch me die Nintendo 64 Zelllooo
Any% PC duckfist
Ancient Cave Super Nintendo Khobahi
Any% Genesis Keaur
Any% with FMV Saturn R3DninjaJOSH
Any% Genesis Zelllooo
Blame% Super Nintendo bichphuongballz
Party% All Everyone
Friday, October 14, 2016
Any% Game Gear Edenal
Any% NES Chelney
Any% (Proto) Wii Slurpeeninja
Any% NES feralpigman
Any% NES Chelney
Any% NES Zelllooo
Any% Super Nintendo bichphuongballz
Any% Super Famicom feralpigman
Any% NES Opus
Any% Wii SlurpeeNinja
No Out of Bounds Super Nintendo Falexxx1
Party% All Everyone
Saturday, October 15, 2016
Any% Super Nintendo Iceplug
Any% Normal Nintendo 64 Square_Wave
Any% NES Just_Defend
Any% PC frozentrually
All Bosses (Richter) Xbox 360 3snow_p7im
Any% Super Nintendo Just_Defend
100% Co-Op NES Chelney and duckfist
96 Exit Super Nintendo Truman
Bad% Any and All Lots
Party% All Everyone
Sunday, October 16, 2016
Any% Playstation 2 Tide
Any% Playstation 4 Mace
Any% Gameboy Neerrm
Retry% Super Nintendo Danshow
All Levels Race NES Deuceler vs. Just_Defend
Any% (Maria) Race Saturn 3snow_p7im vs. R3DninjaJOSH
Any% Race Super Nintendo Edenal vs. Striker

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