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Any% PC 5exual_Tyrannosaurus
any% Super Nintendo lurk
100% Super Nintendo Darko JPN / NTSC
100% No Major Glitches Wii Virtual Console SuperBigKMart USA / NTSC
any% NG+ PC snowysnowwolf
Easy PC 5exual_Tyrannosaurus
Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Marine Any% PC MrDrunkman
No Exploration Glitch SNES thundermustache JPN / NTSC
Any% Super Nintendo Shokushu USA / NTSC
any% Super Nintendo lurk
Any% Wii Hyxost JPN / NTSC
All Instruments Game Boy Player Deln JPN / NTSC
Any% Nintendo 64 mcill USA / NTSC
100% Xbox 360 pixel911, Shokushu, GVirus, Sage009 USA / NTSC
Any% Wii GohgoDude / SyrupSMS JPN / NTSC
100% Nintendo 64 Obiyo JPN / NTSC
5 Kongs Nintendo 64 Bismuth / Obiyo USA / NTSC
Any % Super Nintendo Shokushu USA / NTSC
any% Wii U michael_goldfish USA / NTSC
120 Stars Nintendo 64 widditsama JPN / NTSC
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
any% PC Squaky JPN / NTSC
Any% (Yes) PC DrTChops
All Bosses Normal PC SNeaky / Tohloo
Any% Casual PC MrDrunkman
All - Super Hardcore PC Tohloo
Normal Any% Super Nintendo ZergG911 USA / NTSC
Any% PC Gama USA / NTSC
Sonic's story PC quo USA / NTSC
100% Nintendo 64 quo JPN / NTSC
Any% Wii U Bismuth USA / NTSC
Any % SNES JeedUnit JPN / NTSC
Any% Proto Man PlayStation Portable Deln USA / NTSC
Any% Wii Virtual Console Darko JPN / NTSC
Any% Normal PC gvirus USA / NTSC
Any% Soma no 0HP glitch Wii U Virtual Console nolife9face USA / NTSC
Any% Wii Virtual Console thundermustache JPN / NTSC
Any% Wii U Virtual Console Fozzy / nolife9face USA / NTSC
Triathlon% Nintendo 64 Goose / Qweczol / JustinDT USA / NTSC

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