DreamHack Winter 2018 Schedule

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Dreamhack Winter Twitch Ludendi
Saturday, December 01, 2018
Good Luck Have Fun! Twitch Ludendi
Any% Luigi Nintendo Wii 360Chrism
All Dungeons Wii U Linkus7
No Major Skips Nintendo Switch Physica
Any% Nintendo Switch Svenne
Any% Nintendo Switch Svenne
Any% PC DonDoli
All Expansion Levels PC DonDoli
4p Coop PC KvD, MeridianPrime, Lafungo, PerfectTaste
Sunday, December 02, 2018
Any% Nintendo Wii Knirgesh
Sleep% Twitch Ludendi
100% Super Nintendo Lokander
All Cups 2P Co-op Super Nintendo KvD & Lafungo
Goofy Super Nintendo Moo_Mooney
Any% Nintendo Entertainment System Moo_Moony
Rescue 5-10 Nintendo 64 MeridianPrime
All Staff Ghosts Nintendo 64 PerfectTaste
100% Nintendo 64 MrsGizamaluke
70 Star Nintendo 64 Taggo
Any% Nintendo Wii Torje

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