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Any% Mr.Tiger92 WiiU
Any% CM YukiArisato PS4
Surprise% - -
Any% Heinki PC
Showcase YukiArisato PS4
Saturday, May 19, 2018
Any% no Slots W0lle PS2
Any% / Any% Monsoon Sakurion PC
All Time Pieces Matse007 PC
Any% - Yang Mageikk PC
Any% Mageikk PC
Talk% Dokomi-Crew Couch
NG+ All Levels Urinstein PC
Any% Xein64 NES
C.H.E.A.T. VeniVidiRici SMS
All Chaos Emeralds VeniVidiRici SMS
Any% icy SMS
Talk% Dokomi-Crew Couch
Any% Race Bongdude + Dennsen86 Switch
All Levels badBlackShark PC
Arcade Tyhandros Switch
Any% Norm Druid SC Quinnlicious PC
Any% Glitchless Flutz Gameboy
Sunday, May 20, 2018
Any% Mondstriker 3DS
NG+ True Heldalf Chaos Mode Itoshira PC
Any% Glitchless D0lany DS
Talk% Dokomi-Crew Couch
Urinstein Any% Insane PC
Surprise% - -
Twitch% Heinki PC
Any% no Amiibo Raixhero Switch

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