Distant Star Cares PLAY LIVE 2019

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)ConsoleDonation Incentives
Any% AngelicRuby PC Yes
Any% NG+ Morpha PC No
Any% Hero Mode Disdain Playstation 2 No
Any% IamAlphena PC Yes
Any% Glitchless 3ps1l0n PC Yes
Any% AirAngel_tv PC No
Any% Helix13_ PC No
Any% (Race) jnich87 vs smartalec0624 NES Yes
Arcade - Solo CountGooby Arcade No
Any% smartalec0624 NES No
Any% CaneofPacci Playstation No
All Stages 1 Player GhostSenpai NES
Klassic Tower NovaFortune PC No
Any% PS4 No Airwalk TwanM4n Playstation 4 Yes
Saturday, May 04, 2019
Hero Mode Any% GhostSenpai Switch Yes
All Levels - 3 Laps JasperTheFish PC No
Team No
No OoB the_admiral4991 Gamecube No
Any% Warpless esmo88 NES No
Any% No Up+A esmo88 NES No
100% Deathless jnich87 NES Yes
16 Star No LBLJ Thebestaro Nintendo 64 No
101% Linkameister SNES No
Any% OOB Glitched jwillyverse 3DS Yes
Any% Any Vehicle Rakanai Nintendo 64 Yes
NG+ Zojalyx Playstation 2 Yes
Level 1 Warpless (Race) rakanai vs tokko_tomcat SNES
Sunday, May 05, 2019
Astronaut Bob O. (89, High) (Race) The RealDownUnder vs El_Nacho Playstation No
NG+ Claire 2nd 120FPS SpoopyPenguin PC Yes
Any% NG+ TwoWorlds Xbox No
Any% GhostSenpai Playstation Yes
Any% Beginner Wyattw8 Playstation 4 No
World of Light - Any% NG (Normal) Mageius1 Switch Yes
Any% novafortune PC
Any% smartalec0624 NES

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