Distant Star Cares 2017 (St.Jude PLAY LIVE)

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ScheduledEstimated TimeCategoryRunner(s)ConsoleDonation Incentives
Normal Game Tokko_Tomcat Game Boy None
6 Game Any% Kosmicd12 NES None
Any% (Race) Kosmicd12, ZeldaCubed 3DS Available
Any% Jdlinkmaster101 Gamecube Available
Hero Story Ford373 Playstation 2 None
Any% NMG Wildananconda69 Super Nintendo None
Friday, May 19, 2017
Max Tartar Sauce Gun% Tokko_Tomcat Wii U None
Any% Normal Tokko_Tomcat Super Game Boy None
Route 1 - Any% Warpless Tokko_Tomcat Super Nintendo None
Any% Normal Liampiper Super Nintendo Available
Any% Hard OysterSA Super Nintendo Available
100% LylatR Nintendo 64 Available
Any% Bronze purpleshygirl Gamecube Available
Minigame Island Any% LylatR Nintendo 64 Available
100% Wildanaconda69 Super Nintendo Available
Saturday, May 20, 2017
Casual Play Wildanaconda69 PC None
Any% Liampiper Super Nintendo None
New Game Any% Harpooncannon Nintendo 64 Available
Any% Jdlinkmaster101 PC Available
Any% IGT Beardedbusker PC Available
500 Porcupines Beardedbusker PC Available
Speedrun Mode Platypus_Funk Playstation 4 Available
Casual Boss Battles Ramen_Cat PC None
Dallas 13 Quest Mode El_Nacho Playstation 1 Available
Co-Op Any% Ford373 PC None
Casual Play SgtSaltnPepper Playstation 4 Available
Normal Drakodan_ SNES None
Sunday, May 21, 2017
101% Connor75 Nintendo 64 Available
Any% Glitchless G3neticlive Genesis Available
Beat The Game G3neticlive Genesis Available
100% Glitchless Eninfamousvy Genesis Available
Sonic's Story Argick PC Available
Bid War (See Donation Incentives for More Info) BlazinZzetti Gamecube Available
Casual Any% Eninfamousvy PC Available
Carol Any% El_Nacho PC None
ZIPTUNE Enabled Speedrun Succinctandpunchy PC None
Genocide Drakodan_ PC Available
After Party Cheeseball81 NES & Genesis None

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