Distant Star Cares PLAY LIVE 2018

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)ConsoleDonation Incentives
Any% smartalec0624 PC No
Any% silo_simon Wii No
Any% smartalec0624 Xbox Yes
36 Levels mrzerathemant Genesis No
Friday, May 25, 2018
Any% mrzerathemant Super Nintendo No
Expert keaur Genesis Yes
Furier Speedrun dircashede PC No
Magician All Bosses TrUShade GBP No
Team No
Any% metalglennsolid Game Boy Advance Yes
Any% lil_fatkid Game Boy Advance Yes
Any% smartalec0624 PC Yes
Terra Any% Beginner SloaTheDemon Playstation 4 Yes
All Skills No OOB cutieroo1 PC Yes
Any% trojandude12 PC No
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Warpless (Small Fire) supersonic71087 Famicom Yes
Any% Legacy cutieroo1 PC Yes
Any% Ekoro tokko_tomcat PC No
Team No
Any% Argick PC Yes
Any% ccneverender Nintendo 64 Yes
Classic Mode (Easy) dragolinas Wii U Yes
- - - Yes
Any% Glitchless SuperSonic71087 Sega Genesis No
Best Ending Finalflame Master System Yes
Sonic & Tails All Emeralds argick PC Yes
Any% No OOB sanicman99 PC Yes
Hero Story (Race) piner, metalglennsolid, zellnuueon PC Yes
Choose Your Path BlazinZzetti Gamecube Yes
Sonic's Story No MSG everlastingsaint Xbox 360 Yes
Any% SayuriSRC PC Yes
Final Round eninfamousvy, el-nacho-97, eegl It's A Mystery! No
Sunday, May 27, 2018
Any% Current Patch Talcerase PC Yes
Ant% piner PC Yes
5 Hot Dogs% piner Gamecube Yes
First Debt megamasterx Nintendo 3DS No
Any% lylatr SNES No
Mini-Game Coaster silo_simon Nintendo 64 No
Score Run (Hard) Rakanai Nintendo 64 Yes
Any% kartacha PC Yes
Any% breadpan PC Yes
Any% Easy sanicman99, eninfamousvy, JimSR Sega Genesis No
Any% IGT chreymd PC No
Easy Difficulty linkameister Wii Yes
Any% (Race) CountGooby, linkameister Super Nintendo Yes
Bingo Race summersunset_2007, feranator115, holysanctum Gamecube Yes
Any% Warpless CountGooby Super Nintendo Yes
Open Mode Randomizer (Race) Finalflame, radioactive_rat Super Nintendo Yes
Monday, May 28, 2018
Glitchless Any% courierluke PC Yes

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