Distant Star Cares 2018 Extra Life (Schedule)

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)ConsoleDonation Incentives
Any% mrzerathemant Super Nintendo
Pajama% (Race) MyOhMyke, HunterRNG Super Nintendo
Pokey% MyOhMyke Super Nintendo
Any% MyOhMyke Wii
Friday, November 02, 2018
Eastern Title Phatzo Xbox
All Runners
Linkameister Any% Easy Super Nintendo
Any% DBArcade Super Nintendo
Any% micsoul Game Boy Advance
Any% Story DBArcade Playstation 2
Story Easy CountGooby SNES
Adventure (Race) Zojalyx, CountGooby Gamecube
Target Smash All Characters CountGooby Wii
Tap Runner (Race) CountGooby, Cmdr Wii
All Cup Tour Mathew10Wilson Gamecube
All Sports Cmdr Wii
All Events Cmdr Wii
Any% Knightmare Xbox 360
All Debts tutelarfiber7 Gamecube
Any% 1st Climax CountGooby Switch
Any% tutelarfiber7 PC
Saturday, November 03, 2018
Boss - Crocodillian Cmdr Playstation 4
Arcade Mode (Maka & Soul) tokko_tomcat Playstation 2
All Runners
Beat The Game ShadowyMoon, GhostSenpai Playstation 2
Any% sgtsaltandpepper Super Nintendo
100% Admiral Gamecube
Beat the Game Mathew10Wilson Genesis
Tails: Beat the Game Mathew10Wilson Genesis
Beat The Game Argick Genesis
Sonic & Tails Argick PC
Sonic + Tails Any% (Race) JasperTheFish, Mathew10Wilson PC
No Major Glitches Mageius Super Nintendo
Any% ShadowyMoon Playstation 2
Any% smartalec0624 Playstation 2
Sunday, November 04, 2018
Astronaut Bob O. El_Nacho Playstation
Any% Easy Zojalyx Playstation
God Mode (Specter Knight) JasperTheFish PC
Chronicles of the Sword MSKain Playstation 2
Any% MSKain PC
Bad Ending Any% Steam LinkaMeister PC
32 Tracks Cmdr Wii
Any% New Game+ CountGooby Xbox
Any% Rakanai Nintendo 64
Any% w/ Bonuses Zojalyx PC
Any% 3ps1l0 Game Boy Advance
100% OverworldYT PC
All Parts theoblivinator Gamecube
All Stories Any% (Critical) Pessilist Playstation Portable

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