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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)ConsoleDonation Incentives
Day 1 Team
X4 Any% (Ultimate Armor) Miller2B PC
Any% (NG+) PeterAfro PC
Speedrun Mode (1), Any% Gunvolt (2) wolfman24 PC
All Bosses CutierooSR, Trojandude12 PC
Alucard disdonn PS4 Trevor Belmont (Netflix) Costume
Classic/All-Star/Boss Battles Showcase Cmdr Wii Bid War: In-Game Tag
Solo N++ E-row Emmoji PC
New Game+ Musou Mode DBCade PS2
2P Boss Attack Mode with CPU DBCade Dreamcast Bid War: Violence On or Off
Any% (NMG) Sabera PC Boss Sightseeing Tour, Grappling%
Saturday, November 07, 2020
Artemis% LeftSideWorldwide PC Name the Ship, Name the Base, Name the Planets, Name the Systems, Bid War: Kill or Save Artemis
Day 2 Team
Any% DoubleDubbel Wii Bid War: Language Choice (English or French)
Any% (No Skips) Zojalyx PSX Bid War: Costume Choice (Classic, Ben Reilly, Scarlet), Use What If Mode
Spark's Story Dedley0 PC Fark vs Electric Jester Fight Incentive
All Stages 1 Player GhostSenpai NES Sombrero%
Any% One Player smartalec24 NES Bid War: Character Choice (Chip or Dale)
Any% disdonn NES
Alucard% disdonn NES Trevor Belmont (Netflix) Costume
Sprint Treya PC Bid War: Block Skin Choice (1 thru 11)
Any% (No Item Glitch) GhostSenpai PS2 Turn SFX
All Speed Trax MrZeratheMant SNES
Showcase (Exhibition) Razorflame PC Hand Cam Incentive, DJ MAX RESPECT V Showcase
Luigi's Adventure - Speedrun Exhibition tokko_tomcat, EightBitBert Switch
Main Story nicnacnic PC Bid Wars: Game Language Choice (English, French, Polish or Japanese), Save or Kill Lambert, Save or Kill Ciri
Any% RepentMF PC Bid War: Character Choice: (Yamato, Uzume, or Hinome)
Sunday, November 08, 2020
Day 3 Team
100% LinkaMeister Wii VC
Boosterless CountGooby SNES Bid War: Kill or Save the Animals
Any% DoubleDubbel Wii Custom Deck Name
Vollyeball All Cups Zojalyx Wii
Golf (Race) Cmdr, Zennan, CrystalizedMage Wii Quack%, Golf Blind Mode
Story Mode EX Cmdr, CountGooby Wii Bid War: Character Choice: Mario or Luigi
Any% (Glitchless) bdudegames Switch
Randomizer Mageius NES
Any% + Glitch Exhibition disdonn PC
Randomizer Defeat Smithy Raina SNES Bid War: Boss Choice (Culex or Random), Palette Rando, $500 Milestone Run: Solo Peach Run
Prize Drawings + Highlights tokko_tomcat
Any% tokko_tomcat PC

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