Duckthon 2

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Any% No Airswim BeaRType PC
Any% Pirate Mode (OOB) KiwamiZX PC
Any% Pytlovan Playstation
Any% - Lee Brothers BeaRType Super Nintendo
Max - Normal Hugo4fun Mega Drive
Any% Shime Mega Drive
Any% Shime Mega Drive
Defeat Ganon/Defeat Mother Brain Tso15 x Grafittex Super Nintendo
Any% No Item Glitch Nightsuno Playstation
Easy% nicolasviotto Mega Drive
Any% Beck Sancini Playstation 4
All Stages KiwamiZX Playstation 2
Any% KiwamiZX x Doumeis PC
All Madruga Todos DuckStation
Saturday, February 20, 2021
SuperAlienCar% DunkelGotik Super Nintendo
All Cup Glitchless Caku_ Xbox One
Normal thugkjj Super Nintendo
Any% thugkjj Super Nintendo
Any% Begifted Playstation
Tails: Beat the Game KiwamiZX Android
Tails: Beat the Game Arcania PC
Any% Nyk_Style PC
All Bosses M PC
Eric Normal VaeVictus Mega Drive
Winter 2020 Icenine PC
Any% Begifted Playstation
All Madruga Todos DuckStation
Sunday, February 21, 2021
Any% thugkjj Super Nintendo
Normal Mode DunkelGotik Game Boy
GT Code Classic GlaucioSouza x NatanAnile Super Nintendo
Airbuster% Fhelwanger x BlackLaMamba Playstation 4
Any% RedKiller x Fabio_Novaki x rokero171 Super Nintendo
All Castles DunkelGotik x Narti1800_ x RedKiller x thugkjj Super Nintendo
Master Sword RMG Tso15 Super Nintendo
Immortal Severance ponetchmas PC
No Major Glitches Galactic Spear Super Nintendo
102% Narti1800_ Super Nintendo
No Major Skips Doumeis x Kanitzz x Narti1800_ x Raulmeida Super Nintendo
Despedida% Todos DuckStation

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