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Milanii PC Complete Story NG+
hugo4fun Arcade All Dragons Cleric
Narti1800 Playstation 2 All Stages
thugkj Super Nintendo Any% 1P
thugkj Super Nintendo Any% Race
hugo4fun Mega Drive Any%
ZéKrugger Super Nintendo Any%
shimegabriel Mega Drive Any%
DunkelGotik x echoJjonas x Icenine Super Nintendo Top Gear Triathlon
MexicanoPB Playstation 3 Glitchless
Venomplay Super Nintendo Any%
Saturday, May 04, 2019
thugkj x baTz Super Nintendo Any% Race
MrSancini Playstation 4 Weapons of Mass Destruction
BetoKos Nintendo 64 Any%
BetoKos Super Nintendo Any%
Sanic Master System 100%
MegaUrso PC Any% No Airswim
Milanii PC Town, Solo - Round 30
MegaUrso Super Nintendo Super Hard (No Retire Trick)
Icenine PC All Flags
Kiwami PC Beat the game (New game)
Talvani Super Nintendo 100%
DunkelGotik Game Boy Normal Mode
MegaUrso Super Nintendo Any%
hugo4fun Mega Drive Any%
GeekCult Nintendo Game Cube Adventure - Very Easy
Leandro Amadeu Super Nintendo Story Mode Normal Difficulty
Narti1800 x MegaUrso Super Nintendo 103% Race
Vaevictus Super Nintendo 100%
Problemstrol PC 100%
CaueYamikaze x Junyor789 Nintendo 64 16 Stars Race
CaueYamikaze Super Nintendo Any%
Glaucio_Souza x Lief x Salgadin x João Batista Super Nintendo 100% Race
shimegabriel Mega Drive Easy%
MexicanoPB x chiteiro1 Playstation Any% Monkey Race
Venomplay Super Nintendo Hard%
Andyrion Playstation 2 Any% (NG Good+)
Akutarex Super Nintendo Any%
Sunday, May 05, 2019
Ukyo PC True Ending
fhelwanger Playstation 2 Any%
Dumal PC Any% No SSU
Salgadin PC Any% Average Mode
Kiwami Nintendo Switch Any% - Normal - Kurona
Salgadin Super Nintendo SNES
Leandro Amadeu Arcade Level 4
Wallyzorde Super Nintendo Kamaitachi Normal
Milanii x ZéKrugger PC Any% Race
MexicanoPB Playstation 3 Easy
Narti1800 Super Nintendo Max
Problemstrol PC Any% NMG
DunkelGotik x willian125677 x MarceloMatos x Furlim Super Nintendo All Castles Race
baTz Super Nintendo Any% Easy
baTz Super Nintendo All Stages Race
LinksJam WiiVC No item manip/ Wrong Warp
Narti1800 Playstation 2 Zero 100%
Problemstrol PC Any% Normal No OOB
VaeVictus Super Nintendo Any%
@Todomundo PATO 100%

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