Undefined Behaviour 2020

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Start% ECC
Version 2.2 Current (Tails) garbitheglitcheress
Any% GliitchWiitch
No Upgrade Disable bonkstrats
Any% No Menu Glitches rubash319
Buster Only dragonmetalqueen
Music% mustbetuesdaymusic
Individual Level frozenflygone
Perfect Ending d2kemps
Co-op Starisms, Freyasspirit
Saturday, May 23, 2020
Any% ikuyo
Song% arborelia
All Riddles boringcactus
Break% ECC
New Leaderboard% megmacAttack, EnchantressOfNumbers, CloudyShoe
Any% CloudyShoe
Blind sylverfyre
3 Weapon Showcase Demerine2
Co-op Cinco Bingo dijonketchup, leggystarscream
Jumpin' Ladies Raina, ZoeVermilion
Any% tetraly
Petting% tetraly
Teleport Mode TAS daffodilian
Sunday, May 24, 2020
Save Kate sharif
Any% SecksWrecks
Break% ECC
Reverse Boss Order squibbons
Reverse Boss Order EnchantressOfNumbers
Reverse Boss Order Amber
Any% (noCW) Netara
Shenanigans% Margaret Ann, Witchs_Hex, Netara, caeshura, SchalaKitty
Weird Music Video% Sparkover
Learning% SchalaKitty
Chat Hacks patcdr
Beat the Game madewokherd
Monday, May 25, 2020
Viewer Level Auction ToransuShoujo
Live Hacking CircleFriendo
Goddess of Explosions All Stages WanderingMind
All Mansions Sathdresh
All Dreams GliitchWiitch
All Exits shovda
Break% ECC
All Spirits Ria Skies
Tetra's Rando Skybilz
Mystery% GlitchCat
Glitch% dijonketchup
Chat Request% SeraphIV
A Button Challenge Freyasspirit
Any% Good Ending Amethyst_Rocks
Learning% MrCab
Rev Mode EnchantressOfNumbers
3 Way Coop Any% FreyasSpirit, Charlezard, Imyt
Glitchless StebMcDreb
Routing% StebMcDreb
Any% Trysdyn
Tuesday, May 26, 2020
All Bosses SpriteGuard
Any% SpriteGuard
Percent% Everyone (who is awake)

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