Hey ! Du coup l'ESM est juste un petit marathon de speedrun à contrainte, si vous êtes intéresser il sera diffusé ici :

Hey ! L'ESM is a little marathon with weird categories, if you want to watch it :

Starts on

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106% Crucrux
All levels Firemann
Surprise Glost
Glitchless + bonus run sur le gravitron Kaeldori
100% Ætienne
Main Campaigns Solo Darkossz
Any% Simple - No Super Attack Cladall
All Items BlueLink34
6 marbles% Linkboss
Blindfolded - no ww FrapZC
Twitch% (plusieurs runs) BiiWiX
Surprise Seeker__
Anime pack + fps mode Kaeldori
Any% Pacifist (Current patch) [T]aKer
Sunday, January 21, 2018
All Masks Glitchless Chopper
Comblage% Linkboss
Comblage% BiiWiX
Any% Andzura
No Damage, No Gadget BiiWiX
Any% No Beacon Ætienne
NoWeapon% Yuma
Surprise TontonLaio & iNeo
100% 1TLAU
Domination keyboardless Acrumus
Low% Polo
Sprintless % Crucrux
Any% (NO OOB) Quaker299
Any% No dagger / Last Sword Only 7eraser7
Ghost% Darkossz

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