Elysium Winter Marathon

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Any% Salero_Eon
Any% Salero_Eon
Any% Lessness
Sonic & Tails: Beat the Game JimSR
Any% NSN Tchy
Speedrun Mode Benja
Saturday, June 22, 2019
Any% Goofi
Tutito % Todos
Easy Darky
Any% Ikuyo
Any% Glitchless RoHiSakk
Beginner Kokuns
Easy Coop Benja - Kokuns
Claire B NG+ RebeccaRE
Any% No SSU Lessness
FT10 Kane Blueriver vs Salero_Eon
Sunday, June 23, 2019
Any% Salero_Eon
Battle Mode ???
Easy Coop JimSR - RoHiSakk
Any% Salero_Eon
Tutito % Todos
True Ending NMG + Path of Pain Alexxa
Solo 70 Stars Waluigi JustCallMeGio
Any% Ch0cman
Any% Baddap1
??? ???
Any% Ch0cman - Tchy
Monday, June 24, 2019
Any% Baddap1
Any% NMS + EX Boss Benja
Maybe next time? Todos

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