Distant Star Cares Extra Life 2019

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)ConsoleLocationDonation Incentives
New Game Any% wolfman24 PC Online
Episode 1-4 (Jazz) BinaryBlob, Treya PC Online Spaz Xmas Run
Soma Glitchless 3ps1l0 GBA Online
Alucard% disdonn NES Online Trevor Belmont Costume
Challenge - Intense Razorflame GBC Online Challenge Easy to Intense Upgrade
Any% VeroJade PC On-Site
Any% Glitchless iamalphena, lillygram PC Online Save Icon Choice
All Levels (Tokenless) Emmoji PC Online
Normal Ending (Co-op) RepentMF, Setonkeys Switch On-Site Sisters' Fight, 2nd Player Choice
Saturday, November 02, 2019
Sonic Ravel Arcade Online
Tails: All Time Stones ebm9000 PC Online Good Future Ending Credits
Sonic AlecK47 Genesis Online
Any%, Princess (All-Stars) Cyklopz SNES Online Princess Peach Costume
Any% Co-op tokko_tomcat, xero895 Wii On-Site Shaggy Costume
Any% tokko_tomcat Wii On-Site
Any% climbingcoder GCN Online
Any% BlipBlo Switch Online Harder Bowser Fight
All Training Plus Games CountGooby Wii Online
Blind Custom Team Relay Race Team Tokko vs Team Rammy Switch On-Site
Sunday, November 03, 2019
All Difficulties Warpless Helix, esoterics GCN Online Expert Any% (Bonus), Monkey Selection
DLC Time Patrols El_Nacho PC Online
Any% Glitchless HunterRNG SNESClassic On-Site Kids File Name, Food, Favorite Thing, 24 Char. Player Name, Bicycle
Glitchless benedictatorr PC Online Save or Harvest the Little Sisters
Any% History Books JalBagel PC Online Hunter Name, Palico Name
Easy Mode Phatzo PSX Online Game Choice: Elmo's Letter Adventure or Elmo's Number Journey
Any% GhostSenpai Switch Online Soundtrack Choice, Coco Costume Choice
Any% iamalphena PS4 Online
World of Light smartalec0624 Switch Online Use DLC Fighters in Final Level
Any% CountGooby, Linkameister SNES Online Kill or Save the Animals
Any% Jwillyverse 3DS Online Kill or Spare Diggernaut, Kill or Spare Queen Metroid
Any% Normal LilSharkie PS3 Online Defeat Aeronite, Midnight Mauve Color Choice, Name Angel of Valhalla
Monday, November 04, 2019
TZA - PS4 kyoslilmonster PS4 Online Final 10 Trial Levels

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