Fall Fest 2023 Schedule

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ScheduledEstimateCategorySystemRunner(s)Runner PronounsIncentivesHostHost Pronouns
All Dungeons Switch JagsyRedPanda He/Him Get the Master Sword Spaceyeen Any/All
Any% Pre-1.04 PC MisterChowtime He/Him Fox Color Bidwar Spaceyeen Any/All
Any% PS1 radicoon He/Him Attempt Dragon Skip KHCharlie He/They
Any% PC shovelclaws It/Its KHCharlie He/They
Interview PC JD Puppy , Steph He/Him , She/Her KHCharlie He/They
Showcase Arcade ZELLLOOO He/Him Boss Song Showcase , Play Co-op Set IanKeith He/They
Sakura Mode Arcade Ephraim225 He/Him IanKeith He/They
Save Everyone PC LaurieDBunnykins She/Her Easter Egg Showcase IanKeith He/They
Any% PC shovelclaws It/Its Category Upgrade to All Friends IanKeith He/They
Any% PC Seriously_Surly He/Him Voice Language Bidwar RhythmBstrd He/Him
All Dungeons - Expansion Bidwar PC LordFluffy They/Them Heavensward vs. Stormblood Bidwar RhythmBstrd He/Him
Any% PC Ozmourn He/Him MichaelMacaw He/They
100% OOB PC killingpepsi He/They MichaelMacaw He/They
Saturday, November 11, 2023
Any% PC Ozmourn He/Him Gator Skin Bidwar MichaelMacaw He/They
Showcase PC yoshi86up He/Him MichaelMacaw He/They
Any% Glitchless Co-op PC ferric_fox , moonblazewolf He/Him , He/They Watch the Turtle Races , Sky Armor Color Bidwar Wolfshadow6 She/Her
AluBurstow He/Him
Possible% PS1 CrashMcCloud They/Them AluBurstow He/Him
Any% TG-16 mooware He/Him Category Upgrade to Warpless AluBurstow He/Him
Any% Easy PS2 juh0 He/Him FocusSight He/Him
Rin% PC talcerase Any FocusSight He/Him
Any% Hard V.Smile MilesTFBaxxter He/Him FocusSight He/Him
Any% PC blackberrydragon He/Him FocusSight He/Him
Six Bronze Medals SNES segastar1 He/They FocusSight He/Him
Any% Playdate Heponwana He/Him JDPuppy He/Him
Worlds 1+2 100% Playdate Heponwana He/Him JDPuppy He/Him
Story PS2 StFiendly They/Them Character Bidwar JDPuppy He/Him
Main Campaigns Co-op PC ChocoMuffin , TRGGB2 He/They , He/Him Character Bidwar JDPuppy He/Him
Lvl 4 GP, Default ARMS - Master Mummy Switch SloshW They/She JDPuppy He/Him
Olimar's Shipwreck Tale Switch JagsyRedPanda He/Him AttyJoe He/Him
Any% PC MsTruffles She/Her AttyJoe He/Him
Any% PC vanni_van He/Him Boy/Girl Bidwar AttyJoe He/Him
Mystery Race NES Brossentia (GM) He/Him FF Staff Participant Bidwar sonicmega He/Him
Legendary Full Game PC EggplantSR They/Them/He sonicmega He/Him
Any% - Normal Ending PC Nyu They/She True Final Boss Fight JustSomeAndy He/Him
Silver's Story (No CW) Xbox 360 Labrys He/Him JustSomeAndy He/Him
Wizard City% Race PC malamber5, yowazpoppin He/Him , He/Him FoxInTheFedora He/Him
Sunday, November 12, 2023
Any% Normal PS2 Gala She/Her FoxInTheFedora He/Him
Any% PS2 casualspeedrun Underworld Boss Rush Showcase FoxInTheFedora He/Him
Any% NMG PS4 tpspeed They/Them Talk About Sushi , Tomato Audition rubicantetwo He/Him
rubicantetwo He/Him
Any% Hoverless PC AnimeeArcade He/Him rubicantetwo He/Him
Any% PC FoksMachine She/Her SporadicErratic She/They
Any% GBA WinnerBit They/She Category Upgrade to 100% SporadicErratic She/They
Any% GBA Myoti She/They SporadicErratic She/They
Any% (Ending D) PC Wuseagal He/Him StFiendly They/Them
Any% PC MsTruffles She/Her Category Upgrade to 100% StFiendly They/Them
Any% PC MKcyborg He/Him StFiendly They/Them
Any% NG PC FocusSight He/Him Language Bidwar StFiendly They/Them
White's Heaven Rush PC Podz They/Them OtterSparx He/They
Any% All Bosses SNES SavageWizzrobe He/Him Save the Animals! OtterSparx He/They
100% SNES mchan338 He/Him Bonus Any% Run ferric_fox He/Him
Any% PC Helix13_ They/Them Use Custom Graffiti ferric_fox He/Him
Any% Switch VC beamqueensol She/Her Category Upgrade to Best Ending captainkate She/Her
100% DS Mr_Shasta He/Him Watch Bloopers , Helper to Hero Character Bidwar captainkate She/Her

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