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janglestorm Any% GEN
AirAngel Easy% SFC
CHX42 1 player 4 controllers NES
Tecate Any% NES
thugkjj, Drakodan Any% race SNES
JairGamer40 Any% SNES
Nichole Goodnight ~ ~
dagronSR Any% GEN
ZeeGee Normal% GEN
PaulSaltine All Stages (Practice) GEN
ShimeGabriel Easy% GEN
Cutieroo All Bosses PC
Sandsh8rk Random Seed Any% PC
Estacaco Lion Prince% Game Gear
FKA PlayingWithDick, Bronkel Easy% race GEN
SuperSonic Glitchless GEN
Hachi57 Beat the Game GEN
Hibnotix Beat the Game Arcade
Xandre69 Beat the Game Sega CD
The Sound Defense All Emeralds (Sonic) GEN
Drakodan Hero Story PC
Sunday, February 28, 2021
Sonikkustar Tails (Beat the Game) PC
angrylanks Any% NES
apathyduck All Captives SNES
Chubbus Any% (kill lucifer on 2nd loop) GEN
yoshipro Any% PC
CHX42 Any% Deathless NES
dagronSR Any% Glitchless GEN
Faust4712 Any% GEN
kariohki Showcase iOS
ShannaBerryBlast 2 Loops (Hard Mode) NES
crash6531 100% PS2
WhitePaaws Any% PS1
Cookienaval, Raymandicoot All Gems race PC
Rexaaayyy 100% PS2
MrBuchu 100% PC
RikoKSB 105% PS2
Murcaz Any% PC
thugkjj Any% SNES
Bronkel Lion Prince% NES
Nichole Goodnight Easy% SNES
Akiteru Difficult% SNES
Shentok Normal% PC-FX
BoosterShane Grant Any% GEN
cajink87 Any% NES
x x x
Monday, March 01, 2021
LRock617 Any% (Version K) Arcade
GrimShins Any% No Camera Freeze GEN
mikwuyma Good Ending GEN
justinman114 100% All Keys, 1CC NES
TGH 100% (No Restrictions) GBC
Tecate, Murcaz, TGH, Amber Cyprian MissChungus Ooooooooooooooo

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