Fastest Furs Fall Festival 2020 Schedule

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryConsoleRunnerRunner PronounsHostHost PronounsIncentivesLayout
Co-op Full Game PC Utsuwu & Tokeegee She/Her , He/Him VinceWuff He/Him 4:3
Any% NG+ PC Eyeof_Newt She/Her VinceWuff He/Him Outfit Bidwar 16:9
100% PC SpriteGuard Any LMMotoss He/Him 4:3
Any% PC SpriteGuard Any LMMotoss He/Him 16:9
World 1 Any% Switch Ulvind He/Him LMMotoss He/Him 16:9
Any% PS2 FeRReTDiPiTY They/Them LMMotoss He/Him Hat Color Bidwar 4:3
Any% Hyper PS1 Juh0rse He/Him FirebirdLover Any 4:3
Any% PC SarthTheSnek He/Him FirebirdLover Any 16:9
All Bosses PC KindaNerdyHousewife She/Her FirebirdLover Any Squid% Bonus Run 10:9
Scarob He/Him FirebirdLover Any 16:9
Showcase PC Synyadriel He/Him AlexFlyUK He/Him 16:9
Any% WiiU SkuruWolf He/Him FoxintheFedora He/Him Filename, Epona Name, Wear Iron Boots 16:9
Any% PC IndieAlpaca They/Them TempestMask1000 He/Him Sayu Boss Fight 16:9
Any% PC WhitePaaws He/Him TempestMask1000 He/Him 16:9
Casual% PC Shockwve He/Him SonicMega He/Him 16:9
Friday, November 13, 2020
100% IMB PC SaberaMesia She/Her SonicMega He/Him Speedo or No Speedo Outfit Bidwar 16:9
Any% WiiU VC PodzDragon Any TheBritishAndy He/Him Perfect Run Bonus Level 16:9
Any% Genesis AlexFlyUK He/Him BrainfreezePup He/Him 4:3
Star Cup 150cc No Items (Feet%) Switch laikainspace She/Her BrainfreezePup He/Him Flower Cup Bonus Run 16:9
All Missions DS Mr_Shasta He/Him Helix13_ They/Them Kart Emblem Bidwar DS
Any% DS Mr_Shasta He/Him Helix13_ They/Them DS
Any% Gamecube LaurieDBunnykins She/Her TranceQuina She/He Controller Cam 4:3
Cutscene% PC Brossentia He/Him SarthTheSnek He/Him 4:3
All Dreams PC FreyasSpirit They/Them (plural) SarthTheSnek He/Him See Every Death 4:3
Master Mode Arcade PCB FreyasSpirit They/Them (plural) SarthTheSnek He/Him 4:3
Aursenic He/Him SarthTheSnek He/Him 16:9
Hard Mode Any% SNES BrassWolf He/Him IanKeith He/Him 4:3
9 Sky Temple Keys, Prog. Suits Wii SavageWizzrobe He/Him IanKeith He/Him 4:3
Saturday, November 14, 2020
Spark Story Any% PC Dedley0 He/Him FocusSight He/Him 16:9
Any% PC Juh0rse He/Him FocusSight He/Him 16:9
100% PC Juh0rse He/Him FocusSight He/Him 16:9
Any% Glitchless PC moonblazewolf He/Him Spaceyeen He/They Filename, Become a Gamer 16:9
frozenflygone, BeanJammin She/Her , He/Him frozenflygone She/Her 16:9
All Stories PC Nimputs He/Him LetsPlayTK He/Him 16:9
100% GCN Nimputs He/Him LetsPlayTK He/Him 4:3
Tails New Game+ Genesis icekitsune He/Him LaurieDBunnykins She/Her 4:3
Any% Famicom TheTerrificTracy They/Them LaurieDBunnykins She/Her 4:3
Any% NMG NES TheTerrificTracy They/Them FreyasSpirit They/Them (plural) 4:3
Any% GameBoy LMMotoss He/Him FreyasSpirit They/Them (plural) Game Color Bidwar 10:9
Glitchless - No Hard Resets GameBoy leggystarscream She/Her Gambit017 He/Him Character Names, Good Taste/Bad Taste Color Palettes 10:9
Sunday, November 15, 2020
Leon A Any% PC Amai_Fox He/Him Gambit017 He/Him 4:3
Sports PC Psyrade He/Him TrixieFoxWI She/Her 4:3
Any% No Up A NES BrashVolksdragon He/Him TrixieFoxWI She/Her Filename Bidwar 4:3
Keysanity, Random Dungeons GBC TheWayfaringFox He/Him Ottersparx He/Him Filename Bidwar 4:3
Any% RSG - 1.16+ PC OscillatingOcelots He/Him TallFuzzball He/Him World Name Bidwar 16:9
Lockout Bingo - Race PC MrJerkyJerky, xenoras He/Him , He/Him Kiwi_Fox He/They Filenames, Languages 16:9 Bingo
Farewell - Race PC frozenflygone, scarob She/Her , He/Him Kiwi_Fox He/They 16:9 2P
voltaleon He/Him TapJumpOff He/Him 16:9
1P Stadium (Super Hard) N64 FFRPro21 He/Him ItsOasus He/They Pokemon Bidwar 4:3
Inbounds No SLA PC lia_deer She/Her ItsOasus He/They 16:9
Perfect Ending - Random Seed PC d2kemps He/Him PepperCoyote He/Him Seedname, Lenna Name, Save Various Characters 16:9
Any% (NG) PC FocusSight He/Him PepperCoyote He/Him 4:3
All Worlds (No Bosses) PC PeasMBS He/Him JDPuppy He/Him Change Category to All Bosses 16:9
Ultimate - Race Gamecube Helix13_ , PetresInc They/Them , He/Him JDPuppy He/Him Monkey Bidwar 4:3 2P
Monday, November 16, 2020
70 Star N64 Serenmew He/Him JDPuppy He/Him 4:3
Any% Switch Serenmew He/Him JDPuppy He/Him 16:9

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