Fastest Furs Fall Fest 2021

Fastest Furs Fall Fest 2021 is the 5th charity marathon organized by the Team Fastest Furs speedrunning community! We will once again be raising money for Trans Lifeline. To donate please visit , and you can watch the marathon all weekend long at

Starts on

All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Team Fastest Furs
Any% PodzDerg Any Switch Skaifox (He/Him) Champions Road Exhibition
100% Olympian-Free FirebirdLover Any PC Skaifox (He/Him)
All Tours Items Firesplitter She/Her Switch sonicmega (He/Him) Character Bidwar: Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Chococat, My Melody, Purin, Tuxedo Sam, Kuromi, Hangyodon, or Cinnamoroll
Any% teapartycthulhu They/Them NeoGeo CD sonicmega (He/Him)
Any% justfruitsalad They/Them PC sonicmega (He/Him)
NG+ All Levels JACK4L He/Him PC sonicmega (He/Him) Mask Bidwar: Brandon, Jake, or Tony
All Scrolls Warpless Race lessnesslynx, rimuspp He/They, Any PC Soleras3 (He/Him)
Challenge Mode Easy lessnesslynx He/They PS1 Soleras3 (He/Him)
Music% Talcerase He/Him Showcase Soleras3 (He/Him) Choose the Song to be Arranged: "Battle with Gruntilda" from Banjo-Kazooie , "Bremen's March" from Majora's Mask, "Lavender Town" from Pokemon Series, "Only Me" from Animal Crossing, "Just Smile" from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), "Attack of the Killer Queen" from Deltarune
Any% NTSC Normal spacecow2455 He/They Genesis Spaceyeen (He/Him)
Beat the Game - Knuckles phozonn Genesis Spaceyeen (He/Him)
Beat the Game ori_sky They/Them Genesis Spaceyeen (He/Him)
Any% BahamutX_ He/Him PC Spaceyeen (He/Him)
Season 4 Randomizer Race parkerthepanda, Jetlaudir He/Him , He/Him GCN FoxintheFedora (He/Him) Character Sprite Bidwar (Top 2 Taken): Sans, Grandma, Ganon, Kass, Lucario, Inteleon, or Vaati
All Cutscenes - Remastered gundampilotspaz He/Him PC FoxintheFedora (He/Him)
Any% - Adaptive shockwve He/Him PC SporadicErratic (She/They) Use an Old-School Keyboard, Listen to Credits Song
Saturday, November 13, 2021
No Passing Through Portals artisiole She/Her PC SporadicErratic (She/They)
Octo Expansion Any% No Death Abuse galaxyroyaltea They/Them Switch Wolfshadow6 (She/Her) Bidwar: Long Hair vs. Ponytail
Acts 1&2 Any% No OoB kelchanferret He/Him PC Wolfshadow6 (She/Her) Character Bidwar: Liam or Sophia
Team Fastest Furs
Any% RudolfFahrenheit Any NES iankeith (He/Him) Character Name Bidwars: Kazuo, Asuka, and Emi
100% JagsyFox Xbox One Flyzic (He/Him)
1P Puzzle - Normal DoubleDubbel GCN Ahmedz (He/They) Character Bidwar: Mog, Pukadon, Catch, or Mr. @
Single Console mushroomsoda GCN Ahmedz (He/They)
All Championships - Easy Ulvind He/Him Switch Ahmedz (He/They)
All Levels juh0rse He/Him Wii Ahmedz (He/They)
100% LinkaMeister He/Him GBA JDPuppy (He/Him)
Gorilla - All Missions MKCyborg He/Him PC JDPuppy (He/Him)
Rainbow Run Any% ZephyrFloofDerg He/Him Switch JDPuppy (He/Him) Character Bidwar: Paradox, Robot, Gunslinger, or Bullet
Standard maltemller He/Him PC TempestMask1000 (He/Him)
Glitchless - PC, Casual YoshiChief He/Him PC TempestMask1000 (He/Him)
Any% Asuka424 She/Her PS5 LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her) Upgrade Category to Mama%
Level 5 Races Brossentia He/Him PC LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her)
Any% 6th Dan Ephraim225 He/Him SNES LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her) Character Bidwar: Ivan the Bear or Foxy Roxy
Any% npc_lives He/Him NES LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her)
Scud% (No Lightgun) FeRReTDiPiTY They/Them Saturn CasualGeekDave (He/Him)
Storybuilding Showcase Brossentia He/Him PC CasualGeekDave (He/Him)
Any% teapartycthulu They/Them 3DO CasualGeekDave (He/Him)
NG Standard Any% MisterChowtime He/Him PC AxoEmile (He/They) Use the Jill Sandwich Mod
Sunday, November 14, 2021
Glitchless Race Ozmourn, EtaoinWu, Samsonite363, Samwise3s He/Him, , He/Him, He/Him PC AxoEmile (He/They) Glitch Exhibition
Speedy Great Knife ufotekkie He/Him PC RaiHusky (He/Him) Dog Ending
Any% Glitchless danisangb He/Him PC RaiHusky (He/Him) Character Name Bidwar, Fight the Final Boss with No Armor, Extra Boss Bidwar: Ancient Wyvern, Oceiros, Champion Gundyr, Nameless King
Lost Worlds+ JanusZeal They/Them SNES AluBurstow (He/Him)
Team Fastest Furs
LOVE+Kuso 100% heponwana He/Him PC FirebirdLover (Any)
All Categories Tokeegee He/Him PC FirebirdLover (Any)
Fall Tournament Flags moonblazewolf He/They SNES RubicanteTwo (He/Him) Starting Character Bidwar: Mario, Mallow, Geno, Bowser, or Toadstool
Any% FeRReTDiPiTY They/Them GBA MapleCinna (He/Him) Character Bidwar: Pocky, Rocky, or Becky
Any% FeRReTDiPiTY They/Them NES MapleCinna (He/Him)
Any% (Sonic) ori_sky They/Them PC MapleCinna (He/Him) Path of Pain Difficulty
100% Tuaolo He/Him NES Ottersparx (He/Him)
Piano% scarob He/Him Showcase Ottersparx (He/Him)
Any% Luigi RayZoro They/Them Switch LeonFoxy (He/Him) Grand Finale!
Summer Surprise Collab Pack (Warps) SloshW He/They PC LetsPlayTK (He/Him) Character Bidwar: Morris the Rat, Snowcone the Chicken, or Chartreuse the Giraffe
Any% MusiQuil He/Him GBA LetsPlayTK (He/Him) Boss Endurance Showcase
Glitchless WhitePaaws He/Him PC LetsPlayTK (He/Him)
Chapter 2 Main Route Helix13_ They/Them PC FocusSight (He/Him) Fight the Secret Boss
All Items Mr_Shasta He/Him DS FocusSight (He/Him) First Hunt Bonus Run
Credits% Powerpoint% LaurieDBunnykins She/Her Fin

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