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ScheduledEstimateCategorySystemRunner(s)Runner PronounsIncentivesHost
70 Star N64 Serenmew He/Him iankeith (He/They)
Any% Unrestricted PC juh0rse He/Him Cat Skin Bidwar iankeith (He/They)
All Pages PC radicoon He/Him iankeith (He/They)
Any% Randomizer GBA SavageWizzrobe He/Him Game Bidwar stfiendly (They/Them)
All Chain Areas + Tiamat PC ivyoary He/Him stfiendly (They/Them)
All Helmets PC LordFluffy They/Them Fold Weapon Cutscene Voice Acting, Spare/Kill MRVN Bidwar captainkate (She/Her)
Any% PC MKCyborg He/Him captainkate (She/Her)
Any% Legacy PS3 tpspeed They/Them Good/Bad Ending Bidwar captainkate (She/Her)
Any% PC NPC_lives He/Him foxinthefedora (He/Him)
Showcase Arcade Jammitch He/Him foxinthefedora (He/Him)
Any% Warps PC Phlap He/Him adilor_solthaer (He/Him)
Team Sonic vs. Team Rose LTS Bidwar GCN Nyu He/Him Team Bidwar adilor_solthaer (He/Him)
adilor_solthaer (He/Him)
Saturday, November 12, 2022
Any% Normal PC Ozmourn He/Him adilor_solthaer (He/Him)
Any% C64 Wolfshadow She/Her Show All Deaths (+5 mins) adilor_solthaer (He/Him)
New Game Any% XboxSeriesX Draconayr He/Him SporadicErratic (She/They)
All Songs Trivial (No Tutorial) PC j0kerr They/Them Rubicante (He/Him)
Any% Hard PC Ramseyfox He/Him Rubicante (He/Him)
Any% Current Patch PC Talcerase He/Him Cart Color Bidwar, Save/Crocify the Director Bidwar, Flavour Nexus Bonus Run (+5 mins) Rubicante (He/Him)
Any% GBC laika_in_space She/Her TheHellfridge (He/Him)
Any% PSX mooware He/Him TheHellfridge (He/Him)
Any% SNES SNES PARTY_MAN_X He/Him TheHellfridge (He/Him)
Any% Cutscene Remover PC moonblazewolf He/They Name Bidwars: Tidus, Valefor, Ixion, and Bahamut , Watch the Famous HAHAHA Cutscene JDPuppy (He/Him)
Jet Seed Race SNES gaahr, ShadowCid, Lunarchimera, SquackMcQuack Watch the Opera Scene, Save/Kill Cid Bidwar Entheo (They/Any)
100% All Gems All Chapters PC Heponwana He/Him Entheo (They/Any)
Any% NES vanni_van He/Him TwelfthDoc (He/Him)
TwelfthDoc (He/Him)
Championship Mode Arcade rallyrabbit She/Her TwelfthDoc (He/Him)
Elite League PC LolBengals He/Him TwelfthDoc (He/Him)
Path Hints Race PC aurrun, SeriouslySurly He/Him , He/Him Hard item Logic CassMutt (They/Them)
Time Trials GBA Ephraim225 He/Him ottersparx (He/They)
All Missions Normal PC Benja ottersparx (He/They)
Klonoa 1 Any% Support Mode PC Mr_Shasta He/Him Balue's Tower Showcase (+5 mins) ottersparx (He/They)
All Main Quests PC Sabera She/Her Glitch Exhibition (+15 mins) ottersparx (He/They)
Sunday, November 13, 2022
Any% Fast Forward PC raelcun They/Them Name Bidwars: Serge, Kid, Leena, Poshul, Glenn, Sprigg, Harle, Fargo, Marcy, and Starky JustSomeAndy (He/Him)
78% SNES LinkaMeister He/Him ICED37 (He/They)
Beat the Game PC infrabread He/Him Good/Bad Ending Bidwar ICED37 (He/They)
Any% Switch podzSR They/He Skaifox (He/Him)
Any% Unrestricted - Rookie Mode Switch karterfreak They/Them Skaifox (He/Him)
Any% No Continue Codes GBA cassasaur They/Them Act Out the Cutscenes FirebirdLover
Any% Normal Dante PC flennils He/Him Watch the Legendary Cutscene FirebirdLover
New Game No OoB PC amyrlinn He/Him Save the Guard FirebirdLover
Vault of Glass Raid Inbounds PC Tokeegee, MisterChowtime, Shockwve, LordShaxx, Boujeen, Crazytotem FirebirdLover
Any% Glitchless GBC mchan338 He/Him Helix vs. Dome Fossil Bidwar, Naming Bidwars for: Rival, Pidgey, Charmander, Lapras ferric_fox (He/Him)
Dededetour vs. Meta Knightmare Returns 3DS Mr_Shasta He/Him Game Bidwar MusiQuil (He/Him)
100% DS Moxieclaws He/Him MusiQuil (He/Him)
Glitchless Main Quest - Khajiit Race PC nucular, TODDs_Telemedien He/They , He/Him Helix13_ (They/Them)
Any% NG+ (w/DLC) PC DemonicRobots Male/Female Shepard Bidwar, Category Upgrade to No One Left Behind (+10 mins) Helix13_ (They/Them)
Any% Switch LaurieDBunnykins She/Her Inkling vs. Octoling Bidwar , After Alterna Bonus Level (+15 mins) Helix13_ (They/Them)

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