Fastest Furs For Life 2019 Marathon Schedule

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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimateCategoryRelease YearSystemRunnerHost
Any% 2017 PC RotaMota Brossentia
Any% 2016 PC Ckixy Brossentia
Any% 2012 PC Pi_Kitsune Brossentia
No Cutscenes 2019 PC moonblazewolf TrixieFoxWI
Any% 2010 PC IanKeith TrixieFoxWI
Any% 1996 PS1 WhitePaaws SpaceYeen
All Levels 1996 Sega Saturn Kammy5G SpaceYeen
All Dungeons (Master Quest) 2011 3DS TheWayfaringFox TimberPuppers
Any% Luigi 2007 WiiU VC PodzDragon Dodg3rr
Any% 2017 Switch tinahacks BulletJill
True Ending NMG 2017 PC AlexxaEmber BulletJill
Any% NG+ Race 2018 PC BernardTheBear, LaurieDBunnykins BulletJill
All Main Quests 2002 PC MossyRain Mic_Feedback
Sunday, October 13, 2019
Any% 1999 PS1 Brossentia Mic_Feedback
UFO 2007 PSP ufotekkie Mic_Feedback
Story Mode: Singles Tourneys 2004 WiiU VC Yoshi86UP JDPuppy
Normal Mode Any% 2017 PC Ramseyfox JDPuppy
Any% 2015 PC Yano_Karozuno OtterSparx
Any% 1991 SNES KazeVelara OtterSparx
Any% 1992 NES BrashVolksdragon OtterSparx
Any% Selected Restrictions 2016 PC LackeDragon OtterSparx
Tails: All Time Stones 2011 PC Meowskivich ShiaBun
Any% + Glitch Showcase 1991 MegaDrive phozonn ShiaBun
Any% 1991 SMS phozonn ShiaBun
100% 2018 SNES BulletJill ShiaBun
100% 2018 SNES BulletJill ShiaBun
Any% 2015 3DS Snoion BernardTheBear
2v2 Team Race 1991 SNES BursikBadger, Tuaolo, Valvalis, wagtehdog BernardTheBear
Casual (Single Segment) 2007 PC Shockwve ufotekkie
Any% 2002 Gamecube Cody7737 ufotekkie
Any% 2016 WiiU Skuru SonicMega
Party% All FFFL Staff, Volunteers, and Runners

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