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Spyro 1 - Any% (NBS) PC Synyadriel Vincewuff
Beat the Game (Normal) Switch greenzsaber Vincewuff
Any% v0.6.0 Antarctica PC OscillatingOcelots Vincewuff
Any% PSX juh0rse OldGrayHare
Any% Wii segastar OldGrayHare
Any% PC sarththesnek OldGrayHare
All Riddles PC boringcactus Gambit017
All Cups No Skips N64 savagewizzrobe LMMotoss
All Target Tests Wii CountGooby LMMotoss
College Grad C64 brossentia LMMotoss
Any% PC LaurieDBunnykins wagtehdog
Pantheon of Hallownest PC AlexxaEmber wagtehdog
Normal PC leifotter iankeith
Any% NG+ PC lexydeer ZoeVermilion
Saturday, June 06, 2020
11 Exit SNES lessnessv ZoeVermilion
Story Mode Doubles Wii U VC yoshi86up ZoeVermilion
Zzz% Fastest Furs
Any% GBA RudolfFahrenheit FirebirdLover
Classic 0-10 WiiWare Razorflamekun GaleFrostbane
Any% VGA PC moonblazewolf GaleFrostbane
Beat World 1 Intensity 30 Switch ventifer GaleFrostbane
Any% NMG SNES BrashVolksdragon GaleFrostbane
Any% Switch WhitePaaws segastar
Beat the Game Normal GB carbasi JDPuppy
100% DS Mr_Shasta JDPuppy
Any% SNES FreyasSpirit JDPuppy
2V2 Co-op Race SNES ValvalisSkunk, BursikBadger, ZoeVermilion, sylverfyre Tuaolo
Sunday, June 07, 2020
Co-op (2 Player) PC shockwve & Amyrlinn LeifOtter
Zzz% Fastest Furs
All Races NES namrepus221 Buffpup & Shiabun
Warlords PSP thebpg13 Buffpup & Shiabun
Any% PC IndieAlpaca Buffpup & Shiabun
Any% Glitchless PC laikainspace Buffpup & Shiabun
Sacrifice Ending (Blind Seeded) PC trscrazyp Buffpup & Shiabun
ST 2020 Bracket Flags NES DevioXS TrixieFoxWI
Any% PC dijonketchup Spaceyeen
Knuckles - Beat the Game Genesis phozonn Spaceyeen
Silver's Story (No MSG%) Xbox 360 FocusSight Spaceyeen
New Game PC BahamutX_ sonicmega
Story New Game Easy Switch firesplitter sonicmega
Hard/Hard PC ufotekkie sonicmega
All Levels Switch Ulvind TallFuzzball
Any% NES lookintoad TallFuzzball
100% SNES lookintoad TallFuzzball
Bny% PC AuroraDash LetsPlayTK
Any% Wii U Pippin02 LetsPlayTK
Monday, June 08, 2020
GG Everyone! Fastest Furs Team

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