Spring Spectacular 2022 Schedule

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryPlatformRunner(s)Runner PronounsIncentivesHostHost Pronouns
Inbounds No SLA PC infra_bread He/Him Skaifox He/Him
Any% NMG PC Ozmourn He/Him SkaiFox He/Him
3 Chapter PC ferric_fox He/Him Name the Characters (Top 3 Taken) Adler the Eagle He/Him
Free Roam Collectibles (3 Maps) PC IrdesTheOne He/They Use Rain Mode Adler the Eagle He/Him
Any% PC paum_is_me He/Him Kill or Save Myla Bidwar Adler the Eagle He/Him
Any% PC juh0rse He/Him Adler the Eagle He/Him
Door Randomizer - Jill PC yoshichief He/Him Lumetric He/Him
Main Campaigns Jumpman PC ChocoMuffin23 He/Him Lumetric He/Him
Any% Small Maps Quartet PC brossentia, peaceegg, Flannelkat, npc_lives He/Him, He/Him, She/Her, He/Him Bonus Medium Map Showcase (+10 mins) Lumetric He/Him
Any% PC MooshPaw He/Him FoxintheFedora He/Him
Any% NES lookintoad They/Them Use Roll-Chan Mod FoxintheFedora He/Him
100% (Xtreme Mode) GBI FocusSight He/Him FoxintheFedora He/Him
Any% PC radicoon He/Him Fox Color Bidwar IanKeith He/Him
100% DS musiquil He/Him IanKeith He/Him
Saturday, May 21, 2022
Dark Matters Worth Fighting For SNES Gambit017 They/Them Starting Character Name (6 characters), Talk to the Frog, Twinharp Music Bidwar IanKeith He/Him
Any% GBA yoshi86up He/Him Wolfshadow She/Her
100% - Character Bidwar PC iced37 He/Him Character Bidwar: Survivor vs. Hunter Wolfshadow She/Her
Any% PC talcerase He/Him Mekamenagerie Bonus Level (+10 mins) Maple He/Him
100% GBA LinkaMeister He/Him Show Secret Jiffy Room JD Puppy He/Him
All Dungeons and Rewards 3DS thewayfaringfox He/They Tunic Color Bidwar, Gauntlet Color Bidwar, Minimal Item Pool (+10 mins) JD Puppy, Ahmedz He/Him , He/Him
AxoEmile He/They
Any% PS2 WhitePaaws He/Him AxoEmile He/They
Multiplayer - 3 Player PC CollieMonster, EVOrder, paum_is_me They/Them, He/They, He/Him Complete World 5 (+5 mins) AxoEmile He/They
Level 50 Mines 1P Glitchless PC kindanerdyhousewife She/Her Farmer Name, Farm Name, Favorite Thing Bidwars AxoEmile He/They
Perfect Ending (Co-op) PC SoocySR, SloshW They/She, They/He/She Spare or Kill the Chairman, Spare or Kill Delvin Diffuse Moose He/They
Glitched All BATs PC LeifOtter They/Them Diffuse Moose He/They
Bones - Good Ending PC battyprincess She/Her Diffuse Moose He/They
Challenge (Warpless) PC SoocySR They/She Character Choice Bidwar Sonicmega He/Him
Double Bingo PC Helix13_ They/Them Character Choice Bidwar Sonicmega He/Him
Sonicmega He/Him
Rescue 5-10 Race N64 jammitch, FFR_Pro_21 He/Him, He/Him Sonicmega He/Him
Extra% PC Ephraim225 He/Him Sonicmega He/Him
Showcase iOS yoshi86up He/Him Entheo They/Them
Showcase PC KibaKitsune He/Him Entheo They/Them
Showcase PC canadian_dragon He/Him Entheo They/Them
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Any% No Major Glitches Switch jay_yeen They/Them Hard Mode Upgrade (+5 mins) Rai Husky He/Him
All Story Bosses% PC jphpue Rai Husky He/Him
Any% (Trainee) PC phozonn He/Him SporadicErratic She/They
Any% PC jphpue Soundtrack Bidwar (Retro vs. Original) SporadicErratic She/They
Any% PC DoubleDubbel He/Him Forgive Liza Bidwar SporadicErratic She/They
Beat The Game PC talcerase He/Him FocusSight He/Him
Any% Good Ending SegaCD sefhighwind He/Him FocusSight He/Him
100% PC Ryujin He/Him FocusSight He/Him
Good Ending PC shockwve He/Him Watch the Cutscenes (+10 mins) FocusSight He/Him
FocusSight He/Him
Any% GBC brossentia He/Him FirebirdLover Any
Wimp% Amiga Flannelkat She/Her FirebirdLover Any
Alternate End PC heponwana He/Him Game Color Palette Bidwar FirebirdLover Any
Beat the Game - Race NES janglestorm, prawnzo He/Him, He/Him FirebirdLover Any
Any% (US Version) Genesis sarththesnek He/Him FirebirdLover Any
48 Tracks, 200c No Items Switch amber_cxc She/Her DLC Tracks Showcase (+15 mins) CassMutt They/Them
All Night Stages Xbox Series S NyuSR He/Him Complete Eggmanland (+5 mins) CassMutt They/Them
Egg Shuttle PC NyuSR He/Him Soundtrack Bidwar (Original OST vs. Remastered OST) DiggyRoo He/Him
Any% Pirate Mode (No OoB) PC LaurieDBunnykins She/Her DiggyRoo He/Him
Any% Switch mr_shasta He/Him HAL Room Showcase (+10 mins) Ottersparx He/They
Any% No Up+A NES prawnzo He/Him Ottersparx He/They
100% All Keys 1CC NES prawnzo He/Him Ottersparx He/They
Powerpoint% LaurieDBunnykins and Staff

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