Forever Grind Marathon

Forever Grind Marathon is taking place on BluntBunny's Twitch channel, March 6th starting at 7AM (EST) through March 8th. This marathon is raising money for Amanda's Cervical Fusion Surgery taking place on March 31st, 2020. More information can be found on her GoFundMe.

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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimateConsole (Year)CategoryRunnerIncentives
SNES (1995) Warpless Icterus440
SNES (1990) No Star World Lanxion Upgrade to No Cape
PC (2019) Any% Hard (No Word Skip) Vertz505
PC (2017) Any% (No Major Glitches) Daotmb
PS4 (2010) Any% Fricker22
GBA (2001) Any% Spandaism
GBA (2001) Normal Mode Mr_Shasta Upgrade to Hard Mode
Genesis (1995) Any% Drex23
GB (1992) Normal Mode Kelpsey
PC (1994) Any% Co-op Lumophile, Phozonn
GBA (2004) Any% Normal MetroidMaster
NES (1988) 100% Lui_
PC (2019) Any% (No Balloonist Skip) Jakefsomenumbers Choose Spyro's Color (Default, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Black)
GC (2002) Any% Normal Jack879
X360 (2007) Any% ProInfernape
Saturday, March 07, 2020
Switch (2017) World Peace JohnRossums Mario in his boxers
N64 (2000) Any% Icupspeedruns_
SNES (1990) All Cups Waffle42
PS1 (1997) Any% SweetCherryBoyJp Name Ramza
NES (2004) Any% Walkingeye
SNES (1994) Low% Ice Fsg112
NES (1992) Any% BrashVolksdragon
Arcade (1997) Win Battle for the Kingdom Pinballwiz45b
Xbox (2003) Outrun-Mode Route A PrinnyTonic
Genesis (1991) Beat The Game Toucansham
Genesis (1992) Sonic: Beat The Game SuperSonic71087
Genesis (1996) Beat The Game (Best Ending) Kingrhodestn
Switch (2019) Any% (Glitchless) WeightyWords
SNES (1991) Any% (No Major Glitches) or All Dungeons (Restricted Major Glitches) ErirorPS, Xelna Bid War between categories
PC (2008) Any% KanBan85
SNES (1996) Any% Supreme Characters Color Swap
PS1 (1997) Any% BattyPrincess
SNES (1993) Any% (Capeless) InvaderDez
SNES (1993) Warpless Relay mrcab, roopert83, SuperSonic71087, Kosmic, Ethan, lackattack24, Aweglib, Lawso
NES (1987) 100% All Keys Justinman114, Rezovayix Any% Glitched Race
Sunday, March 08, 2020
N64 (1996) The Daily (70 Star) ARealCutie, Ivan, JoeDamillio, Just_Defend, Krauser318, Lackattack24, Midboss, Millnium, Nightmare, Twig, Waffle42
PS1 (1998) Warpless Colinbolts
PC (2018) 8-Bit (No Out of Bounds) [Race] Kyleberry_sr, VlackSR
PC (2018) Any% Lev067
Genesis (2009) All A's Pea_txt
NES (1991) Any% Sharfers
PC (1996) Jill All Boss Kills Deserteagle417 Fight Lab Tyrant with knife only
SNES (1995) Any% 3rd Map xIceblue
SNES (1994) Any% EmoSaru
SNES (1992) Any% apathyduck07
GB (1992) Beat The Game Crypton42
SNES (1994) Beat The Game Crypton42
SNES (1991) Any% JoeDamillio Upgrade to Hard Mode
PS4 (1997) Requiem Maria All Bosses BrookeSpeedruns Harmony of Dissonance Any% Run
SNES (1997) Any% Tm9001
Arcade (1998) Normal Mode EnchantressOfNumbers Upgrade to Rev Mode
N64 (1996) All Cups 150cc SuperViperT302 Bid War: Yoshi/Toad/Peach
PC (2010) Any% (No Out of Bounds) Mkosler
Switch (2019) Any% (Glitchless) Netara
N64 (1999) Any% Prakcity
SNES (1991) Any% (Restricted Major Glitches) Liam_Atlas
SNES (1991) 100% (Major Glitches) Glan
SNES (1993) Any% Race JoeDamillio, Kalarse, Liam_Atlas, TM
NES (1991) Any% Chelney
SNES (1998) Any% Rockman Cleartonic
SNES (1993) 100% Clipper1
SNES (1994) Any% Tokyo90
NES (1986) Crowd Control Randomizer Lackattack24
SNES (1995) Any% [Race] Crismas, Dustpan2112, Fezzyfezz, Gill42
SNES (1996) 103% V0oid
SNES (1994) Any% [Race] ARealCutie, Zoast Bid War: Save/Kill Animals

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