Flash Marathon IV

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100% Jhynjhiruu Yes, really
New Game Plus VouivreCritique He couldn't not
Any% JasperTheFish Laser loves the name Jasper
16 Levels Glitchless 100% JasperTheFish Not fish though
The Devil Is Satisfied LaserTrap_ The boy is back in town
Any% No Pause, Flying LaserTrap_ Choose which character
Victory LaserTrap_ Provisional
Any% LaserTrap_ End of Laser block; Extra setup follows
All Rooms ItsMaximum, Conormcmahon Conor only racing Any%; Start of Nitrome
Any% Craigelbagel001 New Zealand's night owl
100% Conormcmahon Extra setup follows
Any% Race Conormcmahon, Maxaraxa Extra setup follows
Any% 4 Player Conormcmahon, Oxknifer, Ricape, SlushPuppy Epic end of Nitrome block
All Treasures Migu Extra setup follows
Generic Bingo Race AprilSR, Jhynjhiruu We swear it'll happen
Any% With Bonus Stages Vertic Vex Rip-off?
Any% Vertic Extra setup follows
Any% Race Aemkw, Vertic Exciting match of Lithuania vs. Mexico
All Stars Vertic AKA Smashmouth%
100% v1.14 LIGHTSTARE Dude what a rush
All Levels LIGHTSTARE 214 IQ
55 Orb AprilSR Perhaps another PB?
Any% An_Person Extra Setup Follows
Any% Race LIGHSTARE, SlushPuppy This has never been in before?!
100% TheExactName Yump Central
100% AprilSR Bowser gets yeeted again
100% Craigelbagel001 The End.

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