The Inaugural Fleet Fest!

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Nero/Dante NG Devil Hunter PvtCb
All-achievements thisishowmymindworks
random seed any% robthegamer115
Arcade mode/all levels MyOhMyke Incentive: typing cam ($10)
All fragments MyOhMyke Incentive: typing cam ($10, shared with above. Can be met in between runs if not met before)
any% Bopper mrdapgan
any% isBullets
No OOB isBullets
16 Star smartalec0624
any% ZEN_Ivan
any% ZEN_Ivan
any% EmeraldAly
PS1 any% no wrong-warp crash6351
any% Western ruleset crash6351
any% no credits warp MyOhMyke
100% RBO MyOhMyke Incentive: 3-heart challenge ($15)
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
n/a n/a
True Pacifist ending jdlinkmaster Incentive: Name the fallen human
any% WolfE87
TBD EmeraldAly or TBD
any% Easy Jangoosed
All Platinum Bolts SuperSqank
NG any% tarnawina
any% SoakedSock
Sonic's Story SBCz Incentive: Super Sonic's Story ($15)
any% warm_ham
any% warm_ham
NG+ any% Ratchetmania Incentive: glitch exhibition ($15)
all levels robthegamer115
any% smartalec0624
any%/glitchless any% Japanese_Spaghettee
All cups easy Japanese_Spaghettee
any% theoblivinator
Thursday, March 23, 2017
n/a n/a
any% Robthegamer115 Incentive: character bid war
JP any% PvtCb
any% EmeraldAly Incentive: Language choice (most European languages, consult Google doc for full list)
any% SuperSqank
any% rider route Chfou
any% PKFrenchi
any% jdlinkmaster Incentive: Spare or kill antagonist
Easy co-op lollipopomg & Trombonerist
NG+ Amateur Co-op WoTCarpenter & WoTAuddy07
Vergil Son of Sparda GhostScit
any% smartalec0624
32 Tracks (No Skips) bitpersonal
any% TwoWorldsCoexisting
Friday, March 24, 2017
n/a n/a
any% EmeraldAly
any% no telejumping crash6351
30 Tokens SoakedSock
any% Fireblade
all-bosses Feranator
any% Neurotaku Incentive: Climb to garden atop the temple ($20)
goodbye% EmeraldAly

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