Fast Pace for Headspace 2021

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sabledragonrook The Last Guardian Any% Playstation 5 TGH
tyler2022 Metal Gear Solid Any% (Very Easy) PC LaurieDBunnykins
Mindez Discworld Any% ScummVM MS-DOS LaurieDBunnykins
Argick Glyph Any% PC LaurieDBunnykins
n0ne 2 0ne The Messenger 8-Bit New Game (No OoB) vs. New Game+ (No OoB) Bidwar PC LaurieDBunnykins
nes Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll Main Worlds Nintendo DS the0nlykyd
Helix Rolled Out! All Courses (Warps) PC the0nlykyd
Drakodan Sparkster Normal Super Nintendo the0nlykyd
rewardadrawer Stardew Valley Marriage% 1-Player Glitchless PC the0nlykyd
Lilac Vrt Olligoci Monolith: Relics of the Past F5 Normal Unseeded Mild PC NihonTiger
TGH Pokemon Blue Any% (No Save Corruption) Game Boy NihonTiger
SushiKishi Chicory: A Colorful Tale All BATs 1.0 PC NihonTiger
Everyone End of Day 1! Hopefully Sleep% Bed, preferably Our Pillows
Saturday, November 06, 2021
Rhomin Sonic Mania NG+ Tails PC Amber Cyprian
Matoi & Risuruuu Sonic Adventure DX Small Stories K.A.G. Race + Big the Cat's Story PC Argick
Finalflame Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Beat the Game Sega Master System Argick
thesounddefense Sonic 3 & Knuckles All Emeralds (Tails) Sega Genesis Argick
McSquid Total Nuclear Annihilation 9 Reactors Pinball Machine Amber Cyprian
Realm Wipeout: Omega Collection All Tracks (2048) - A Class Playstation 5 Amber Cyprian
CosmykTheDolfyn Puyo Puyo Tsu Remix Rally Mode Super Famicom Amber Cyprian
SuperSonic Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Warpless 8-4 (Mario) Famicom Disk System Amber Cyprian
KonceptionSR Bugsnax No Major Skips Playstation 5 Argick
GhostKumo Ys: Memories of Celceta Any% Nightmare PC Argick
Drakodan Astro Boy: Omega Factor Birth GBA Argick
Ryan_Ford Metroid: Zero Mission Any% (Normal) GBA Argick
Everyone End of Day 2! DAYLIGHT SAVINGS OMG Timezones that observe DST Time is a Social Construct
Sunday, November 07, 2021
astronumous The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Any% No WW/OoB Game Boy Color Argick
xIceblue BS Legend of Zelda Any% Super Nintendo Argick
spootybiscuit NotITG/StepMania Mods Showcase PC Argick
Mannix86 Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics Any% Super Nintendo Drakodan
quoooo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nitro Tracks (150cc, ni) Nintendo Switch Drakodan
blinddeafref Hollow Knight Myla% PC Drakodan
miinfin Kaze and the Wild Masks Any% Casual, No Level Skips PC the0nlykyd
mr_shasta Metroid Fusion 100% Game Boy Advance the0nlykyd
Ryan_Ford Super Mario RPG Any% Super Nintendo Mindez
Everyone End of Marathon! <3 Finale & End Credits Thanks for watching! <3 You're the best!

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