Feed The Kids 2021

Our 4th annual charity marathon to help feed kids worldwide - partnering with RandomActs to support children and families in need. 3 days of 24 hour content, plus a bonus day of appetizers to get you ready for the big weekend!

Donations go towards Random Acts, a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps spread kindness throughout the world by helping those in need.

Every $5 donated gets you an entry into a raffle for cool prizes including RGLtv merch, perlers, games, and more!

Starts on

All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

NA NA RGLtv Staff & Random Acts Rep
Any% NES Tecate (He/Him)
All Stages NES Tecate (He/Him)
Any% NES Tecate (He/Him)
Any% NES Sparkover (She/They)
Cookin' PC Sparkover (She/They)
Food Score Challenge PC anthole, schema, allfourofthem
All Movies Easy SNES anthole (he/they)
Any% Level 1 NES anthole (he/they)
Cosmic Ocean Attempts PC kavoc, allfourofthem(she/her), anthole (he/they)
Goal Score Challenge SNES EvoSSr2
Goal Score Challenge NES EvoSSr2
X6800 X68000 Wepen
Friday, November 26, 2021
Rando NES anthole, kavoc
Any% Co-Op Genesis anthole, kavoc
Score Attack Challenge Arcade anthole (he/they), kavoc
Any% Glitchless PC Mannix86
Guitar% NES dshana__
Any% Glitchless NES aphotic_ktulu
Any% NES jkl87
NG+ Ada PC deserteagle417
Leon A Standard No Knife PC deschain33
Bad Ending Bid War PC deserteagle417
Any% NES karma_dragoness (She/Her)
Any% Sega Saturn colinbolts, GreenMixTape
Any% GBA Aphotic_Ktulu
1CC Normal PC Schemax
1CC Normal PC Schemax
Easy Mode PC ProPieceRTA
Ultimate Casual (No Oob) PC ProPieceRTA
Any% SNES k0zzx
Any% Mega Drive k0zzx
Any% NES vanni_van
Champion No-Nova MS-DOS davidtki (He/Him)
Episodes 1-3 easy mode MS-DOS davidtki (He/Him)
any% (banker) MS-DOS davidtki (He/Him)
Easy difficulty MS-DOS davidtki (He/Him)
Saturday, November 27, 2021
Normal Beginning SNES yelsraek
Three Loop (21 Tracks) - Glitched NES yelsraek
Hard NES yelsraek
Novice 1P2C NES yelsraek
Any% NES yelsraek
Any% NES madmegax381
Any% SNES Kongcakes (He/Him), bmacattack64
Any% Secret Boss Ending PC obsessivegamingnerd
Any% SNES bmacattack64
All Tours Items Switch firesplitter
Egg Shuttle PC argick
Sonic - Beat The Game PC argick
Knuckles PC cowboyknuckles (She/Her)
All Red Star Rings DS Speedbreaker55
Beat the Game SMS (via WiiU) Finalflame
Sonic: Beat the Game Game Gear Finalflame
Sonic - NG+ Glitchless Genesis* huds601
Knuckles Beat the Game Glitchless Genesis* huds601
Chaos Beat the Game Glitchless PC huds601
All Games GameCom Finalflame
Any% NES Tecate
Any% Game Gear jkl87
Any% NES dshana__
Any% NES kongcakes
Linear PC kongcakes
1CC Arcade LRock617
Any% N64 colinbolts
Any% Switch rotorstorm331
Any% PC baldnate
Full Treasure List Colecovision Flannelkat (She/Her), baldnate, aaron2u2
Low% NES burst_error
Showcase : Arcade & Chicken Republic Modes PC Bloupeuh
Music Guys Doing the Music Thing PC Schema
Any% Race NES Nami, anthole
Any% NES vanni_van
Story Mode (Easy) + Bonus! Battletoads in Shovel of Hope Xbox One TempestMask1000
Sweet TG-16 lattmackey
Sunday, November 28, 2021
Maria Only TG-16 lattmackey
Any% SNES moonblazewolf (He/they)
Asnyc Tournament Flags SNES sawneyrath11, moonblazewolf (He/they)
Any% Good Ending SNES tetsuoooo
Any% 8 Pages SNES tetsuoooo
1CC Arcade LRock617
Endless Normal Switch firesplitter
North Any% PC ElectrifiedSpeed
Any% SNES janglestorm
Easy NES janglestorm
Sacrifice Ending (Seeded) PC Linkameister
Any% NES wepen
Any% GB rayeo (He/Him)
Any% GB rayeo (He/Him)
Any% GB ebloodycandy
Any% GB ebloodycandy
Any% GB ebloodycandy, kumakhan22, Finalflame
Any% GBA rayeo (He/Him)
Any% (Minty) GBA JuegAriel
Any% GBA thebigmike1983, baldnate, cheesevikinggames
Any% GBC jkl87
Any% GB ebloodycandy
Any% GBC sharif
Any% Game Gear sharif
Mega Man 1-3 & Wily Tower Genesis jakobdoesathing
Any% GBC TempestMask1000
Any% NES Scha
Any% NES smartalec24
Any% Get Big Apple NES BugDoctor
Any% NES BugDoctor
Any% PSX mooware
Any% N64 djbunyan
All Bosses N64 colinbolts
Glitchless 3DS deserteagle417
Monday, November 29, 2021
All Levels N64 Kefka14
World Heavyweight - No Ring-Outs N64 Kefka14
Any% PC Kefka14
Any% Sega CD sharif
Any% PSX aphotic_ktulu
Any% SNES Aphotic_Ktulu
Any% GBA Rayeo
All Cutscenes NES anthole
1v1 Arcade anthole vs kongcakes

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